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Posted 6 years ago2012-07-08 11:35:13 UTC
Strider StriderTuned to a dead channel.
Mint condition and only 13 years late to the party. Aw yeah.
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Commented 6 years ago2012-07-08 12:01:52 UTC Comment #39657
i don't know what that is, but i like dat! congrats and buh-bye!
Commented 6 years ago2012-07-08 12:05:15 UTC Comment #39649
You don't know what a box that clearly says "System Shock 2" on front is?

Anyway, SS2 is one of my favourite games and a must-play for everybody, nice pick up Strider :)
Commented 6 years ago2012-07-08 14:15:36 UTC Comment #39654
This is Bioshock's predecessor, right? I also will admit to not having played it.
Commented 6 years ago2012-07-08 17:26:04 UTC Comment #39659
Nice! I never played that game, it seems so obscure and odd that it's so successful but so few people are talking about it. One of my friends recommended it but I never got to play it.
Commented 6 years ago2012-07-08 22:44:07 UTC Comment #39650
@Blitz: Sort of, they're made by the same people and have some surface similarities, but the style of the two games are quite different.
Commented 6 years ago2012-07-08 23:52:31 UTC Comment #39646
Yeah, you'll notice a couple of ideas that made the jump from System Shock 2 to Bioshock, but otherwise it's a very different and frankly much deeper game.

It's closer to a predecessor of Deus Ex than Bioshock, really, and it shares a lot of similarities with Looking Glass' previous games.

The fact that it was made by both Irrational (of Bioshock) and Looking Glass (my favourite developer) is icing on the cake.
Commented 6 years ago2012-07-09 02:42:08 UTC Comment #39660
13 years? You should file a complaint to the mail service.
Commented 6 years ago2012-07-09 05:59:27 UTC Comment #39662
Wow, really awesome.
Commented 6 years ago2012-07-09 10:57:38 UTC Comment #39652
Fun until it gets unforgiving and near-to-impossible.
Commented 6 years ago2012-07-09 11:01:34 UTC Comment #39656
Never played it :P
Commented 6 years ago2012-07-09 11:02:05 UTC Comment #39647
Fun from start to finish. The unforgiving bit is why it's so good compared to todays games. You are never safe. It's relentless, challenging, terrifying... and awesome.
Commented 6 years ago2012-07-09 11:41:48 UTC Comment #39651
I really found the final chapters to be the easiest of the entire game :P

I believe it went something like this:
1. Grenade launcher
2. EMP grenades
3. Ability to clone objects (specifically, the grenades)
4. 4 ICE picks for instant final boss killifying
Commented 6 years ago2012-07-09 12:54:20 UTC Comment #39653
I want a mint condition first-run copy of HL. Not a Game of the Year edition.
Commented 6 years ago2012-07-09 13:00:45 UTC Comment #39658
pb: it looks like a big coffee table book to me ;)

I freely admit i need to play more games, so so many good ones out there i never tried.

I pretty much started playing cs and starcraft because my that's what my roommate played, and i never really branched out to other gaems fsr.. (don't own an xbox nor ps3 either)
Commented 6 years ago2012-07-09 14:37:22 UTC Comment #39661
I still have yet to finish the first System Shock. :(
Commented 6 years ago2012-07-09 16:05:49 UTC Comment #39655
In all fairness Cap't, CS and SC are a pretty awesome two games to play if you're going to only play two!
Commented 6 years ago2012-07-09 21:01:47 UTC Comment #39648
I do love me some Starcraft
I had SS2 back in the day but it scared the fuck out of me so i didnt play.
I should hike up my shorts and play it in my more mature state.
Commented 6 years ago2012-07-10 03:27:14 UTC Comment #39663
OMG. and i hate using "OMG", but WOW! It's definitely on my wish list. I'm still waiting to play what I expect to be my favorite game. Did you get a good deal on it?

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