Commented 13 years ago2006-03-27 10:39:21 UTC in vault item: SCIENCE DEMO Comment #11362
well, i think it's time i made a remake for half life 2
Commented 14 years ago2005-02-07 16:19:42 UTC in vault item: The Discombobulator Comment #5918
did all the machine do was have lights and electricity and the ability to instantly kill your player?
Commented 15 years ago2004-06-16 13:02:27 UTC in vault item: Stay-Open Door Comment #2346
i always thought those doors were cool
Commented 15 years ago2004-05-25 09:09:23 UTC in vault item: SCIENCE DEMO Comment #2067
download the map WD, see if more people, um, eat stuff, like dust, (corny joke, ur supposed to laugh!)
Commented 15 years ago2004-05-01 20:11:10 UTC in vault item: SCIENCE DEMO Comment #1758
oh, and ya'll need to thank blueblade too, he edited it since my comp. is havin probs
Commented 15 years ago2004-04-29 17:33:34 UTC in vault item: SCIENCE DEMO Comment #1744
ooh, oh well, it's just a demo, but i'll try to change that bug,

and if anyone has some good ideas i'll have a hallway for outsiders, i could even make your names on a wall, lol

and slayer a, i know your a good mapper so i'm guessing i'm on the right track. :). and i might have a area 51 demo coming out!
Commented 15 years ago2004-04-28 15:43:44 UTC in vault item: SCIENCE DEMO Comment #1734
why are there 2 ratings, i think it is stupid for someone to rate something and not even tell me that they like it :(
Commented 15 years ago2004-04-25 14:52:09 UTC in vault item: MINIMICUS Comment #1689
AWESOME DUDE, THIS MAP ROCKS!!! I WISH I COULD DO THAT CAMERA WORK AND SCRIPT SOMETHING SO FUNNY(in that sense). ABSOLUTELY AWESOME, AND IT COMES WITH A CHALLENGE, i just want to know how you made the chopper appear proportionate to the house, but this map ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Commented 15 years ago2004-04-21 17:44:55 UTC in vault item: Deadcentre (ricodm03_deadcentr Comment #1666
hey, this looks like that goldeneye level, lol
Commented 15 years ago2004-04-12 15:38:24 UTC in vault item: Tribute Comment #1598
i saw that video, lol