Commented 4 days ago2023-12-04 20:41:49 UTC in vault item: Default Room Comment #105695
Why did you post this
Commented 4 days ago2023-12-04 20:39:24 UTC in vault item: Flow Control Comment #105694
Bare minimum as a mod, kinda funny at first, but I'm mad about it losing it's initial name
Commented 4 days ago2023-12-04 20:23:10 UTC in vault item: MyHouse.BSP Comment #105693
That's a big house you got there, but you should also add zhlt.wad into the files as well
Also this door is kinda weird..
User posted image
Commented 4 days ago2023-12-04 20:05:41 UTC in vault item: Sehc's Labs Comment #105692
There's a separate category for hldm maps
Anyway, I think the map should be a little smaller, and maybe with some more details.
Straight wide concrete hallways are boring to look at and play, so maybe change up floor and ceiling heights, add some pipes, bridges, pits etc.
Cool toilets tho, and I got caught off guard with the giant fleshy rotating "SEX" in the middle of the map.
Try looking at the official deathmatch maps (espeically the new ones) for inspiration on how to decorate your creations.
I hope you don't take the 2 stars as completely negative, It's just a honest review and a sign that you should try to improve
Commented 4 days ago2023-12-04 19:15:17 UTC in vault item: kz_pipe0(地下通路:序章) Comment #105691
我认为地图应该将所有纹理嵌入到 bsp 中,而不是像 mod 一样安装地图,特别是对于 Counter Strike
Commented 4 days ago2023-12-04 16:20:50 UTC in vault item: On The Other Side (2005) Comment #105690
Expected it to be longer, but still pretty cool
Commented 5 days ago2023-12-03 18:51:50 UTC in news: Competition - Half-Life 25th Anniversary: Vanilla HLDM Comment #105686
I've been waiting for this..