Competition: Texture It, Light It, Play It

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Open Date
21 years ago2003-01-25 00:00:00 UTC
Close Date
21 years ago2003-02-08 23:59:59 UTC
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Judged (all engines combined)

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Here's a task that'll test your raw creative ability: you're provided with an excruciatingly sad-looking map and one light fixture. You need to bring this room to life by texturing it and carefully placing the lights. There's nothing more you need to do. Use your imagination. Create atmosphere! By the way, the winner's map may be used as the base for a future contest! (with consent, of course).

Download the base map here.


Another tough decision (I have a feeling that's how it's always going to be)... but of course one had to be made. I went through all the entries and thought each one was a great effort, so anyone who didn't make it to the top 3, don't be disappointed! Here are the other entries:
LightForce's, Mastermind's, Another mattyb map, Another mattyb map, Another SlayerA map.

The maps varied in pretty much every way possible given the restrictions: some were bright, some shadowy, some under warm light, others under cold. And of course texturing styles: although the base map suggested concrete, some interesting variation was achieved. The three winners show off some of that variation.
1st Place - Andy
Silo Base
Here, the lighting and texturing just seem to work for the map. It's also one of the few to make use of the base map's double-brush walls, with two matching textures applied. It's nice to see an alternative railing texture as well :)
2nd Place - MattyB
Forgotten Storeroom
Although simple, there's something about the lighting in this map that made me go 'oooh'. The platform is backlit - it glows and casts the shadows. A great effect! The textures are definately 'alternative', but they're not a bad lot - you can almost smell the damp. A very close second!
3rd Place - SlayerA
Here's another idea - using walls for something other than just being, well, walls. There's an eerie darkness about this map. Through the gloom you can just make out a ladder and a behind, a lambda sign on a door. You can just imagine a zombie creeping out of the corner as you explore...