esmajor20 years ago2003-07-30 21:38:15 UTC 9 comments
Semi-Beginner to HL mapping. I'm learning as I go.
Hammerhelp20 years ago2003-07-28 13:39:41 UTC 5 comments
I?m Hammer user who wants to do simple levels for single player and play them with my friends. I just need some help...
BluEDicE20 years ago2003-07-27 09:49:58 UTC 6 comments
I make maps for Counter-Strike. Yeeha.
mattlewis5320 years ago2003-07-22 21:41:45 UTC 3 comments
Novice mapper trying to learn the basics of mapping and the HL Engine.
Vassili Zaitsev20 years ago2003-07-22 20:05:39 UTC 5 comments
Get The Specialists (Ts) mod for half-life its great :D
In0rganic20 years ago2003-07-16 23:37:35 UTC 4 comments
16 yrs old
hintonj20 years ago2003-07-16 06:38:22 UTC 20 comments
ook20 years ago2003-07-12 21:09:53 UTC 4 comments
Computer programmer, Half-Life map maker wannabee.
ass clown man20 years ago2003-07-12 00:07:15 UTC 6 comments
i am a no talent ass clown
PeterParker20 years ago2003-07-09 15:54:29 UTC 8 comments
I am a completer virgin when it comes to mapping. I've just started to do the tutorials on this fine website. Hopefully, I should soon be mapping away like I was born for it.
laguna_20 years ago2003-07-09 08:31:16 UTC 4 comments
I map, I code
SilverFury20 years ago2003-07-09 01:32:29 UTC 4 comments
I like to build maps even though I'm a beginner but I want to become an Architect so this is a good start for me.I am currently mapping solo but if anyone wants to team up with me I got some pretty cool ideas. Dont email me becuz you will be sent to junkmail but if you have MSN add me or just shout because I am on here a lot.
BladeSire20 years ago2003-07-08 18:24:08 UTC 5 comments
Gamer like whoa.
sspinkid20020 years ago2003-07-08 17:57:07 UTC 4 comments
im a punker
pepper20 years ago2003-07-08 10:08:37 UTC 4 comments
i love hl, microsoft flightsimulator, trains and other computer games.
i hate: microsofts bleuscreen the xbox and people wo are lagging a multiplayer game.
i live in holland
and i have nothing to say anymore for now.