REBELVODKA2 months ago2022-03-17 08:38:21 UTC 6 comments
I said in Gamebanana days ago, I'll try create a serie of maps about
different conflicts on ex-USSR republics/slav world.
Some examples are Theatre Dubrovska hijack or
Coup attempt of USSR in 1991. I said these examples
for you have an idea about what I mean.
My biggest project I have in years since
my hated chs maps :P
zAlphii2 months ago2022-03-16 20:22:39 UTC 2 comments
i eated it all
Daburubareru2 months ago2022-03-11 17:12:54 UTC 5 comments
I haven't been here active a lot.
DOCTOR3 months ago2022-02-24 18:50:07 UTC 1 comment
One of my favorite letter from the greek alphabet next to psi and gamma.

You could probably already guess why i like it... :crowbar:
Loulimi3 months ago2022-02-24 16:13:58 UTC 6 comments
I turned 34 on the 31st (2 days ago)!
Oh, and apparently, my maths teacher missed 3 fingers...
Admer4563 months ago2022-02-23 10:32:10 UTC 8 comments
Hello, population of The Whole Half-Life. It is a good day today. Speaking of halves and lives, I feel that a good chunk of my life has passed.

0 to 8 was kinda cool. 8 to 11 had some bad moments but it was okay. 11 to 13 was awful.
However, 13 to now has been awesome, so let's just say, it has passed in a pretty good way.

So yeah, life has been kinda good. I made pizza last night and that was good too. Pretty good actually. In the last 6 months, I've started doing some things I really like:
  • making food because I got bored of Mum's cooking
  • throwing spears with my cousins
  • cutting down thorns
It's a way to enjoy life for me, and it's kinda cool. Especially cutting down thorns.

I could talk about some other plans I have at the moment, but I'm lazy, so I'll leave that for another journal maybe.
Drooga3 months ago2022-02-22 16:57:32 UTC 4 comments
Just a little example map, you might find this helpfull if you have ever had trouble making a box. Comment plz, i hope that everyone finds this helpfull.
38_983 months ago2022-02-18 21:25:26 UTC 7 comments
Surprise! Somehow I didn't think this profile, or website, would still be here. I wondered if the passage of time would sweep it away. I'm glad to see that its not. This profile is like a time capsule of sorts for me, looking back on the older stuff. Granted, not much for 9 years, but the stuff before...

I'm not sure what to write here, only that I feel I should put something down before I forget and come back in another 9 years or something. Hope your all keeping well, I'm doing perfectly well myself. Guess that's all there is to say. Have a good night.
Dr. Orange3 months ago2022-02-18 19:58:34 UTC 7 comments
Meerjel013 months ago2022-02-06 11:52:54 UTC 5 comments
Segment 4

Showing the physgun that I put in action.
satchmo3 months ago2022-02-03 12:49:59 UTC 0 comments
"Don't be evil" was Google's founding motto.

I watched "Skyfall" for the third time last night, and it occurred to me that all the Bond villains suffered childhood trauma. Some of the trauma were unimaginably brutal (I guess that's an oxymoron, because obviously someone imagined it to fictionalize the background story into the character).

In Skyfall, Raoul Silva was betrayed by his own country, just as Bond suffered a near-fatal friendly fire at the start of the film. The different outcomes experienced by these two characters were determined by their support system. Bond, despite not having any close family ties, had a strong family-like unit at work.

Lyutsifer Safin also suffered unspeakable trauma when he became the lone survivor of an assassination campaign by Spectre. Consequently, he became a ruthless killer and planned to exterminate most of the world's population.

You may wonder how Madeleine Swan emerged unscathed, after she was abandoned by her criminal father and alcoholic mother, and also witnessed her mother's execution. Perhaps she was able to rescue herself by becoming a psychoanalyst.

We are all going through something, and we are all survivors of past trauma. The difference in outcome is how we cope and heal. If we have a secure support system, we can emerge stronger and more resilient. Otherwise, we may live in our own evil lair and plan for doomsday as our personal hobby.
satchmo3 months ago2022-02-01 10:42:09 UTC 3 comments
I haven't been this excited since Black Mesa source came out.
VeryCoolMoment3 months ago2022-01-26 19:14:12 UTC 14 comments
Ok so i hope you didnt just randomly click on this but, I cancelled my Steam Deck order over anxiety of it being bad and hard to refund
(Most of you will be angry but) With the money i'll be putting it towards the Macbook Air (The M1 one) in Space Grey
Sure i know ill get messages which is mostly like "Why are you buying a macbook isn't it underpowered?" but the M1 Chip in the Air is Fast, Like Really Fast and the M1 MBA released in 2020 so theres a ton of reviews on the MBA, While the Steam Deck hasn't even been released yet

Ending this here with just this
I might get the Deck in 1-2 years if its any better than its release early this year (The Release Date has been announced just now)

Edit: I'm using the MBA as a Programming and Social machine
This is my first Mac so yeah I might try gaming but like Half-Life or some smaller and lighter games
After figuring how to change the hud color for my HL1 mod, I though I'd just try doing something similar for The Vorts!
All it took was a couple lines edited, all of them in the hldll's islave.cpp file.

line 744: m_pBeam[m_iBeams]->SetColor(151, 0, 255); //this will give it a nice purple color!

line 790: m_pBeam[m_iBeams]->SetColor(151, 0, 255); //I think this is for the cut revive, lets change the color anyways!

line 820: m_pBeam[m_iBeams]->SetColor(151, 0, 255); //same as the last bit of purple lightning, but this one hurts!
And voilàAnd voilà
Think I could get it to cycle some colors too if I wanted, but I thought I'd share this for now!
Meerjel014 months ago2022-01-02 20:27:19 UTC 3 comments
Just felt like putting a link to my Twitter here. Might start some sort of conversation.

Meerjel01's Twitter