SilentGunz14 years ago2005-01-12 17:42:47 UTC 0 comments
My new map, dm_m354, is coming soon! It is my attempt to making a BlackMesa-like enviroment using the default textures for HL2. It doesn't look like an area from HL1, and that's because it's not. It's some place near the outskirts of the Black Mesa facility.
SilentGunz14 years ago2005-01-08 00:11:23 UTC 0 comments
Ju shal phere mi spelin scilz! lol...

My work on my Bum-Life map is going well, i've got the basic layout of the city, with a couple parks, a landfill, and some other things besides plain buildings.

As for my outside life (yes I have one, and outside lives are not a myth), it's going well too. :)
SilentGunz14 years ago2005-01-04 18:16:45 UTC 0 comments
Woot! I'm now an official mapper of the Bum-Life mod!
SilentGunz15 years ago2004-12-04 16:59:56 UTC 0 comments
I'n baq agin! Weth nu spelin skels!


But, I am back, again... :P
SilentGunz15 years ago2004-10-02 18:30:59 UTC 0 comments
I'm back!

My computer went crazy when I got a virus, I fixed it for now though. It feels great to be back! It might get crazy again so I'm getting a new comp soon. :P
SilentGunz15 years ago2004-09-11 18:52:03 UTC 0 comments
PS: You annoyed me! jk... :P
SilentGunz15 years ago2004-09-11 18:51:00 UTC 1 comment
I haven't made an entry in awhile, so here's one:

My next map will be coming soon, but I'm still thinking of what to do for it... :

Should I do:

-Puzzle map?
-Just plain freaky?

I think I'll wait until the next compo... :P

BTW: Added links to TWHL, JEDI Clan, Doom 3 Portal, and some others on my site recently :)
SilentGunz15 years ago2004-08-31 18:03:55 UTC 1 comment
I'm remaking my SilentGunz101 site. It'll include my maps for HL (soon to be HL2) and Doom 3. :P
SilentGunz15 years ago2004-08-29 19:31:09 UTC 0 comments
Just got Doom 3! I love it! :P
SilentGunz15 years ago2004-08-29 10:56:59 UTC 0 comments

Just posted my first map that uses my newfound VM skills!

dm_hell, a small deathmatch map that focuses on crowbars, but has pistols for n00bs! 1/8 people that spawn on the map get snarks! :P
SilentGunz15 years ago2004-08-28 13:34:51 UTC 1 comment
I'm getting better at the VM tool! :P
SilentGunz15 years ago2004-08-22 21:05:18 UTC 0 comments
Got my compo entry all fixed! No more errors! Thanks to Andy for the extension on the compo! :)

Well... my sites are doing well...
that's about it...
but wait!
I made a new map that tests your Skills! Called L337 Skillz!

In other news...

-Hilter is back from the dead, and has a partnership with Osama.
-Monkeys took over Zaire in Africa
-I almost died from the West Nile Virus
-A astroid is coming to destroy the Earth
-The Russians are going to nuke America, and all that will be left is ruins and cockroachs
-Frozen Martians were found in Antartica

jk... :P
SilentGunz15 years ago2004-08-14 21:19:38 UTC 0 comments
Three different things I want to say:

1. HuBi, a member of my clan, made me a site. It's called Team @SilentGunz@. It's going to feature The Jedi of HL2 mod that I am managing.

2. I'm almost done with my second entry for the compo. I submitted my first, but my second one is going to be better. It's called Undead Cathedral.

3. Started a new e-zine hosted by Tripod. It's called Jedi-Zine, and it'll be like the Jedi Clan's e-zine. It has articles, reviews on maps (if people request me to review them), and a mailbag. The zine is semi-monthly, it's updated every weekend, and everything is erased at the end of each month to make the next month's issue.
SilentGunz15 years ago2004-08-13 20:41:54 UTC 0 comments
Arg! After hearing some others' ideas, I decided mine wasn't going to be good enough. I got another idea, and I'm using it in a new map. :)
SilentGunz15 years ago2004-08-13 09:48:17 UTC 0 comments
Well... I haven't seen prickly_pimple in awhile, or the other n00b-haters! :P

My compo entry is coming along nicely. Got my map pretty much down, just need to add little details and my main attraction (the main glass thing). Also need to make it all into mini-mod form, with a readme! :)

I have some good ideas for the next contest, but I don't think I'll get first (I'm 99.9% sure I won't get first). Oh well, I'll be happy with at least third. :)

Wow, this is my longest entry in awhile. :nuts: