TheGrimReafer8 years ago2014-02-06 18:41:21 UTC 7 comments
TUG, the game that I've been developing, has been greenlit on steam!

Hell yeah!
TheGrimReafer9 years ago2013-05-01 23:21:40 UTC 10 comments
I'll bet you're all wondering why the competition results haven't been released yet.

I've been working some uber-crunch hours on TUG, an upcoming voxel game from my company Nerd Kingdom. We've just released a kick-starter, and now that it's over I should be able to judge the competition this weekend.

Tell me what you think!
TheGrimReafer9 years ago2012-11-07 06:55:37 UTC 15 comments
User posted image
TheGrimReafer13 years ago2008-09-10 17:27:54 UTC 27 comments
A new competition lurks in the distance.

Writing the brief now, but it'll be a day or two ;o
TheGrimReafer14 years ago2008-05-23 20:13:55 UTC 11 comments
Just like Strider a bit back, but this time the bots have raided myspace...

"my name is kristen i go to prairiland high school i am 14 soon to be 15 my fav color is blue i have many nicknames feell free to call me wateva u wnt i dnt care wat u call me i hide my true fellings from the world b-cuz i havent found a person yet that i can trustn and that can handle me or wat ive bben through i am the most mature 14 year old u will every meet i know how to have fun and joke around but wat eva u do dnt make me mad tell me a little about u and if u hav anyother ?s fell free to ask"