Playbus14 years ago2007-11-08 12:47:39 UTC 0 comments
The Citizen is coming.

Oh yes.

Go here for the trailer:-
Playbus14 years ago2007-10-09 23:33:39 UTC 0 comments
I'm 28 today!

Man, I feel old.

Many happy returns! - Ant
Congrats! - Muzz
Playbus14 years ago2007-09-28 03:54:03 UTC 0 comments
Yay! My Voice Acting tutorial finally went up. Thanks to Penguinboy for doing all the work to get it online.

There will be some example files added to it over the next day or two, to make things even clearer.

Playbus15 years ago2007-06-23 06:11:27 UTC 0 comments
Making The Citizen is proving to be a lot of fun. The project has gotten considerably larger with the increased attentions of Kasperg, and we're now looking at the mod being 8 or 9 maps.

Kasperg put together a nice montage of images from current areas of the game.

User posted image

We're playing with ideas for cinematic gameplay sequences and stealth orientated combat, and some other things too.

There are plans for at least 10 custom voice actors now.

I can't wait until we release this.

But we're taking our time, and not rushing. Rushing is a big mistake, and was the number one problem with Day 13, 14 and 15.
Playbus15 years ago2007-04-28 09:32:01 UTC 2 comments
I'm working currently on a singleplayer map based on Kasperg's unfinished work. It's an honour to be able to use his work, and things are shaping up to be very, very pretty indeed. ;)