SpaG10 years ago2011-08-20 06:27:46 UTC 16 comments
23, yesterday.
SpaG11 years ago2011-06-07 16:41:00 UTC 9 comments
Sprited a Huntey too! This was my first time spriting a Huntey.
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SpaG11 years ago2010-11-28 19:33:28 UTC 2 comments
L4D2 is 3.5? this weekend. Bought it. Zombies beware.
SpaG12 years ago2010-07-23 14:07:08 UTC 20 comments
SpaG12 years ago2010-05-02 04:56:41 UTC 12 comments
Bought a new 1.5TB hard drive two weeks ago. A seagate - ST31500341AS.
Was running low on space for months now (had a 500GB drive). Now I can download everything! Kinda.
SpaG12 years ago2009-10-17 04:48:28 UTC 8 comments
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Thanks to whoever pointed out that HL has a discount today. I finally bought it. YAY!
SpaG12 years ago2009-09-28 11:36:54 UTC 8 comments
This is your 4000th login.
Joined: 24th October 2004 (1800 days ago)

SpaG12 years ago2009-08-20 08:26:05 UTC 14 comments
21 as of yesterday.
SpaG13 years ago2008-10-04 08:11:23 UTC 1 comment
This is your 3000nd login.
Where's my congratulation message? :-(
That's what i miss the most from twhl2.
SpaG13 years ago2008-09-03 05:00:33 UTC 18 comments
Bought a new PC few days ago. Heck, it was about damn time i did that.
The old machine was slowly falling apart. It was giving me a headache, especially when i needed some work done, and it just refused to work.
Now i'm able to play orange box games, but since i got back to my dorm, i can't play them online. (Ports are blocked)
Although i was able to play TF2 for a few hours, just before going to sleep and moving here. (Sadly Dauby's server was down)

Here are the specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 3,16 Ghz
4 GB DDRII 800
500 GB HDD
Gigabyte 9600GT 512 MB

Old specs:
AMD Athlon XP 1600+ (1,4Ghz)
512 MB RAM (DDR 400)
160 GB HDD
GeForce FX 5200 (At first, but it died like half a year ago, so i used a GeForce 2 MX 400 until now)
SpaG13 years ago2008-08-19 06:09:04 UTC 11 comments
Happy birthday to me!
I'm 20 now.
SpaG14 years ago2008-03-11 03:57:17 UTC 0 comments
Joined: 24th October 2004 (1234 days ago)
Good number.
SpaG14 years ago2008-02-24 16:24:41 UTC 0 comments
First of all, good work Ant, Penguinboy and Strider. You resurrected TWHL! (At least i hope so) I'm proud of you!

On a side note, I have bought Orange box (at last). Though a bit short, but I must say, playing it was quite fun, especially with all those achievements.

Just noticed that this will be my first journal entry in TWHL3! Yay!
SpaG15 years ago2007-07-23 00:23:58 UTC 0 comments
Oh damn, missed my "joined 1000 days ago" day. Damn.
SpaG15 years ago2007-06-15 13:20:11 UTC 0 comments
Recovered after another HDD failure. OH LAWD AM I LUCKY WITH HARD DRIVES.