Daubster8 years ago2015-03-15 19:03:37 UTC 9 comments
It's been 10 years today since I first joined TWHL - holy crap this site has been around for a while.

Thanks for all the fun times folks, I probably wouldn't have gotten into modding & game dev without the support of an awesome, inclusive community. Looking back at the old posts it feels like we've all grown up together in a way.

I'm not around much anymore, but I will always consider TWHL a huge part of what helped land my dream profession, as well as helped me grow as a person. And also graduated me from a total n00b to a 1337 mod h4x0r.

Here's to the new members getting more good out of this! ;)

P.S.: Spent 10 mins looking for the post-a-journal page. Thanks to Archie for pointing it out to me. Derps.
Daubster9 years ago2013-12-01 20:58:10 UTC 23 comments
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Well those were fun.*

I'd be interested in doing something along those lines again, would need volunteers that could help out with the setup though. Also someone who could actually provide entertaining commentary instead of breathing into the mic heavily. >_>

What do you folks think? Game suggestions are welcome.

* "Some of the best times I've had with this community."
Daubster9 years ago2013-06-27 15:44:09 UTC 2 comments
Discovered these two Nerdist podcasts with Gabe Newell a while ago. Easily his best interviews recently in my opinion - worth a listen if you're interested.

Podcast #1 (Valve's games)
Podcast #2 (Valve as a company)
Daubster10 years ago2013-03-19 00:55:49 UTC 8 comments
This should be made into a mod.
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Daubster11 years ago2012-02-05 06:57:11 UTC 1 comment
Today was exceptionally fun.
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Done in just under 12 hrs, unlocked 27/33 achievements.
Daubster11 years ago2011-12-31 06:39:49 UTC 15 comments
What is this I don't even why am I 21 now?
Daubster13 years ago2010-01-30 15:26:53 UTC 8 comments
Hey, long time no post.

Psychonauts was available for ?1 on Steam a few days ago. Luckily, that was just the amount I had left in my account. Took me 17 hrs to finish the beast, and I have to say, I haven't been that impressed with a game since my first playthroughs of HL.

While it's nothing too revolutionary gameplay-wise (although it's fairly fluid and clean for the most part), the story/writing and art were absolutely mind-boggingly awesome. The variety of places you see and the attention for detail in each of them created an insanely vivid, colourful and just plain beautiful experience. Black Velvetopia and the Milkman Neighborhood have got to be some of the awesomest places ever designed for a game.

Another thing to note is how nicely the environments/mood of the game progress from playful, fun & colourful to absolutely insane mindfuck. Not something you see pulled off that well very often.

The writing, jokes and references were absolutely bang-on as well, keeping a wide smile on my face for the most part. (Except for the teeth-grindingly-tedious obstacle courses during the last stages.)

My only problem was it got rather repetitive/tedious during the later, more harder stages, but even then the sheer beauty of it kept me going and wanting more.

Overall, well done, Double Fine. Quite simply, that's how you do it. I almost feel guilty about paying only ?1 for a masterpiece. Absolutely worth its current price (?5.99) if you're looking for a true experience.

To mark the occasion (and the beauty of it all), new avatar!
Daubster13 years ago2009-10-06 12:35:33 UTC 13 comments
Yay, I has a job!

A local web design company took me in for a temporary 1-month position. If I do well enough, they'll be keeping me. Minimum wage, few hours, but it's a start. Should be enough for me to pay for my accommodation. :>
Daubster13 years ago2009-09-06 05:53:05 UTC 16 comments
I'm leaving for Dundee, Scotland tomorrow to begin my BSc Computer Game Technology studies in Abertay Dundee university. Sure, it's not DigiPen, but I'm pretty happy to have been accepted there, as it's one of the best unis for that subject in the UK (PC Gamer UK said so ;o )

For the occasion, I have acquired a used laptop. It's nothing too spectacular, but it was cheap (1400 Lt/~580$), in great standing and powerful enough to run every app I use daily.

Asus X55SR
2.2 GHz Intel 2 Core Duo
Radeon HD3470, 256Mb
250Gb HDD
15" screen (1280x800)
Numpad on keyboard, etc.

Pretty happy with that as well.
Daubster13 years ago2009-08-19 15:26:57 UTC 5 comments
New avatar. Went back from my favourite musicians to favourite cartoons. This time, a fragment from one nostalgic short that aired on Cartoon Network a very long while back.

"My.. my.. LOVE NEST!"
Daubster13 years ago2009-06-26 05:32:44 UTC 13 comments
Received final exam results.
University of Abertay Dundee, here I come. 'B>

Commencing second victory beer.. now.
Daubster13 years ago2009-05-27 08:44:04 UTC 17 comments
Finished high school today. Exams done, offers from unis received. Now to wait for scores, which should be available by the end of June.

Due to such an epic occasion, new avatar. Danny Carey (Tool) this time, one of the world's best and my personal favourite drummer. A neat picture of him, non-rotated too! :>

Anywho, commencing beer.. now.
Daubster13 years ago2009-04-10 12:53:01 UTC 9 comments
Daubster13 years ago2009-04-01 12:22:35 UTC 2 comments
Wrote this new little tool for faster image posting.

Check it out! :]
Daubster14 years ago2009-03-29 16:36:54 UTC 12 comments
Missed my 4th anniversary here by two weeks.

Also, Ep2.
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Best achievement ever. Adds a more-or-less new level to the gameplay/experience. :>