Rednik7 years ago2011-05-09 19:44:37 UTC 7 comments
Time to update huh? So five years later, here it is: This is your 702nd login.
Yay woohoo awesome.. I guess.. :)
Rednik12 years ago2006-07-22 02:17:47 UTC 0 comments
Hello Rednik! This is your 500th login. Awesome. :biggrin:
Rednik12 years ago2006-06-25 01:17:02 UTC 0 comments
I've had 2 PM's from Jimmi:

"Please pretty please give my map a 5 star so I get 5 stars for the map!!
Then I will give ur map's 5 stars!!!
ThANKS grin - :D:D:D:D"

"Sorry for being nasty, please like me! I will be nice to you, as long as you accept my apology and also <3 me. And be nice about my map, also.
You are pure pwnage and you rock, and we must be friends not enemies!
grin - :D"

l@wl!!!111 gAyZzz0rRszzz :biggrin:
Rednik12 years ago2006-06-20 10:06:04 UTC 0 comments
I just bought CSS for 39 bux!!!! YAY!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
Rednik12 years ago2006-06-08 08:31:16 UTC 0 comments
Hello Rednik! This is your 300th login. Woohoo! :biggrin:
Rednik12 years ago2006-05-21 12:56:22 UTC 1 comment
Hello Rednik! This is your 200th login. Whoa!
Rednik12 years ago2006-05-15 11:50:50 UTC 0 comments
For christ sake!!! STUPID VIRUS!!!! :x :x :x :x :x :x
Rednik12 years ago2006-05-10 04:31:21 UTC 0 comments
Hello Rednik! This is your 137th login.
My 1337 is missing a 3 :P
Rednik12 years ago2006-05-07 11:44:48 UTC 0 comments
I can start mapping for Source now! YAY!!! :biggrin:
Rednik12 years ago2006-05-06 07:33:57 UTC 0 comments
I got CSS!!! Now I just need to finish the download of Source and Source SDK, then i can start mapping for Source!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :nuts: :cyclops: :D :) :P ;) :lol: :) :) :biggrin: :glad: :cyclops: :nuts: :cool: :glad:
Rednik12 years ago2006-05-05 05:27:36 UTC 0 comments
Finally summer! Now it's a real summer! It's like 35 degrees celcius here... MELTING!!! Luckely we got an AC so it's not too hot inside.. :D