Orpheus12 years ago2008-04-21 13:09:18 UTC 1 comment
For those interested:

My time is somewhat restricted so please follow the instructions.

Be good,
Orpheus12 years ago2008-04-20 18:26:24 UTC 2 comments
Some may be interested, some not, but this is what I've been workin on for the past year.

Of course, these pictures are now a year old but you still have an idea.

This thread

will give you some ideas as to the particulars.

When I get time and the internet, I will post some updated pictures.

Be good,

To those that be, the new site looks grand.
Take care.
Orpheus13 years ago2007-03-24 11:32:59 UTC 0 comments
Today, was a fabulous day. :P
Orpheus13 years ago2007-03-19 18:30:25 UTC 0 comments
Baron Von Snickers and I had lunch in Austin a week ago. Had a blast talking about editing and gaming in general. :glad:
User posted image
Orpheus14 years ago2007-03-04 18:53:52 UTC 0 comments
/me fixes M0p's typo's. Honest mistakes happen. :P
Orpheus14 years ago2007-02-25 12:03:09 UTC 0 comments
My advice to this place would be not to thrust this dick.-Saco
I just couldn't resist. I had to preserve this quote for posterity.

A fitting end. :biggrin:
Orpheus14 years ago2007-02-13 14:43:16 UTC 0 comments
Truth be told, I'd be satisfied if I could get my Dick Tracy decoder ring fixed. Most of what you guys say around here requires one. :nuts:
Orpheus14 years ago2007-02-10 15:29:56 UTC 0 comments
Today's teamplay match went exactly as expected. I got trounced.

Was so much fun losing, that I never noticed how badly even at the end. Everyone still said "GG"
Orpheus14 years ago2007-01-27 19:46:40 UTC 0 comments
Due to the predictability of certain members, I bet and won five bucks today. :glad:
Orpheus14 years ago2007-01-09 07:48:27 UTC 0 comments
After a long wait, and a map that got lost, I am finally proud to announce that "PitCrew" has been found and released.

This map was lost in the nether regions for a very long time but after an extensive search it was located.

The actual name PitCrew is pending, but whatever the name finally ends up being, you can still view the map.

Its big. Be prepared for it.
Orpheus14 years ago2007-01-01 12:28:45 UTC 0 comments
We survive unto 2007.
Orpheus14 years ago2006-12-24 17:04:42 UTC 0 comments
Yuppers, yours truly.
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Merry Christmas one and all. :heart:
Orpheus14 years ago2006-12-03 06:05:16 UTC 0 comments
Oh shit I almost forgot.
I got a new tow vehicle Friday. Its a 2002 Hyundai Elantra GLS. Snazzy little thing.
Car looks similar to this picture.

/me is still saddened about my truck, but it can be fixed.
Orpheus14 years ago2006-11-28 04:16:26 UTC 0 comments
On a totally unrelated note: I edit out any and all comments added by admin. They have their own journals and have absolutely no business crowding others entries with their own additions. Be it good/bad, justified/unwarranted. I am ashamed of what I read.

As for my own journal entry: 2 days ago, I lost my pickup off the back of a bus I was delivering. In 8 years and over a million miles, this was the first time I lost any of my tow vehicles.

I loved that truck, and was sad to see it crash into a wall on the interstate exit ramp.

/me cries
Orpheus14 years ago2006-11-23 08:17:34 UTC 0 comments
While digging through my backup cd's, I found an old screenshot of a benchtest I did last year. My Radeon 9800 pro, That I built last year.
My nVidia 7800gs that I recently built after the fire.