conduct0r15 years ago2007-06-02 07:46:28 UTC 0 comments
Everybody is back?! :D
conduct0r15 years ago2007-05-31 11:04:24 UTC 0 comments
I'm back. Gotta map.

Heh.. Gordon's Day.. Thats teh crap
I will try to do a compo map.. But! THERE ISNT ANY MINI-COMPOS GOING ON :( or is there? Let me know please :heart:

Yeh.. That was my crap journal :zonked:

Oh.. By the way :=)
Looks cool and odd

Also i like this avatar (I guess you are very interested or something)
conduct0r16 years ago2007-01-14 08:56:53 UTC 0 comments
Whabbabab... Deleted the old map -> Link dosnt work anymore

Not interrested of mapping anymore :/ Maybe i will make somekinda cs map :S

But gotta go ->
conduct0r16 years ago2006-11-24 07:26:46 UTC 0 comments
I'm making a CS map for my friend :) And again its not public :/
conduct0r16 years ago2006-11-06 06:44:13 UTC 0 comments
I made a little elevator hall map :P it has a cool disaster in elevator hall etc. :)
I m not interrested of Gordon's Day. I made some scripted_sequence's but not interrested. Freezed for now.
and i have about 10-15 private maps so i am NOT dead :)
Sry if TYPO's. Made with hurry