Carpocolypse30017 years ago2007-06-18 20:26:34 UTC 0 comments
Okay, my mod Half-Life Funny Force will be put off for a week, because I am going to be gone all week going to the spree, which is a carnivel. But if anyone has any ideas that are funny, please let me know in my inbox and thiers chances I will take them, and if I do, your name will be in the credits for the mod when its finished. But I would also let you know if im going to use your idea.
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Carpocolypse30017 years ago2007-06-14 12:13:05 UTC 0 comments
FF is starting to go better then I thought, I seem to work better at night, so If I keep that up, then more funny things will be in FF. Oh, and thanks to Kc8Kjp telling me a little bit about short surfaces, I should have not as many since I know what they are now. :sarcastic:
Carpocolypse30017 years ago2007-06-12 22:53:54 UTC 0 comments
I slowed down a little in the process of makeing FF, but I thought I would at least post a picture of how some of the mapping is looking. This is the 2nd level by the way, im currently working on the 3rd right now, but I was sure to take any entitys out before taking this picture, cause im keeping FF as big of a secret as I can regarding funny things, but the way some of the maps look such as Architecture is a differnt thing.
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Carpocolypse30017 years ago2007-06-07 19:02:56 UTC 0 comments
I've already finished the 1st level for my mod Half-Life Funny Force, im already working on the 2nd one and I have an idea of how the starting is going to be, all i'll say is it involves a box. :biggrin:
Carpocolypse30017 years ago2007-06-06 12:51:25 UTC 0 comments
Im just going to give up the idea of the mod Half-Life Gordons Freetime, I was going to make that, but I just have to make Half-Life Funny Force, and so far, the first room where you get your HEV suit looks really good. NOTE: I wont post any pictures of how its looking because I want this to be a secret in how it looks.
Carpocolypse30017 years ago2007-05-30 18:16:06 UTC 0 comments
Im almost done playing HL2, but here are some wacked glitches I encounterd in the game, I put numbers to show which picture is which.
1.Vortigaunt some how walked into the wall from me bumping it a lil.
2.Glitch for Hopper mines, if you use the gravity gun on it, look straight up and walk close to a wall and let it fall flat on your head, it acts as your ground, but when you move away, it flips over, but is still acting attached.
3.Barney & Aleyx's face look odd, idk why, but they look normal in other levels.
4.A Strider set me flying up to the top of the map, I did not use cheats, I just ran fast and I think its leg hit me and sent me flying, a glitch I did not see coming.
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Carpocolypse30017 years ago2007-05-23 19:27:50 UTC 0 comments
FINALY, I got HL2, so now I can play that and get used to it, but right now im more used to Half-Life's high contrast but that should change overtime, but I know that mapping will definetly be differnt, so uh!

And schools been messing with my time for mapping so I dont have a screen shot this time, hopefully next time I will.
Carpocolypse30017 years ago2007-05-17 13:35:05 UTC 0 comments
With help of Kc8KJP, I got more done of my 2nd level for my mod Gordons Free Time, this is just 4 pics showing how its going, cause we got rid of the leaks, and now its time for me to turn this Half-Life level into somthing wild.
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Carpocolypse30017 years ago2007-05-12 23:56:46 UTC 0 comments
Since summer is near and that means ill have alot more time mapping, I've started on my differnt version of Half-Life Funny Force. Instead it will be called, Half-Life Gordon's Free Time. Since I dont have much done so far, and im still getting ideas for levels, I thought I would post a pic of how its looking so far, I need quiet a bit of work on Sequences since im not to good at them, but when it comes to Architecture, im really good at that if I put work into it.

P1. Nothing really is going on
P2. Pop machine falls on scientist and human grunt, and a scientist gets in line, and Alien Slave begins to jump in place.
P3.Alien Slave is almost in air.
P4.Alien Slave jumps in place, but ends up where he would be if he jumped normal, and a scientist apears out of nowhere.
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Carpocolypse30017 years ago2007-05-10 16:35:28 UTC 0 comments
Since my old mod, Half-Life Funny Force had a major downhill because the levels could not compile, I have just decided to give up on it. Orignaly it was going to be obvisouly a funny map where you run from place to place, but I've sort of... rethought of how boring it would be running and trying to keep a laugh. So I've decided to remake Half-Life Funny Force, but useing Cameras to show whats going on, rather then the player run from place to place, I'm not to sure if ill do that in this mod, but so far seems not to likely.

Thiers one thing though I need help with, since I dont really like the old mod name, I want to come up with somthing differnt, but with so much on my mind, its hard to come up with a funny mod name, so If some of you could give me some Ideas for a funny mod name, I will be sure to include your name if you want me to.
Carpocolypse30017 years ago2007-05-03 19:54:12 UTC 0 comments
Took me long enough
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Carpocolypse30017 years ago2007-04-23 20:41:54 UTC 0 comments
I know this is like literly nothing, but this is so far of what I have of the building that is majorly going to be blown up, so this is only the... rough draft so far. Note: I've desided not to use the Opossing Force Wad (Random people cheer) because I want anyone to play this, not just the people with Opposing Force.
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Carpocolypse30017 years ago2007-04-22 00:11:41 UTC 0 comments
Since most of the maps I have made so far have... things that are destroyed, but you dont see them get destroyed, so im makeing a really short level... again, but it will be 3 Plungers, 1 is the right one, and the others will do somthing strang. When you push the right plunger, a building thats in front of you that is either 3 or 4 stories high will explode, im going to have pieces of it fall off and objects fall out of it, cause I want this took look sweet. Problem is, if I post it when im done, you would need the Opposing Force Wad file to make it work because I use that in everything and I dont want to include it because either 1.People would complain about a big file for a small map, and 2.File Front takes to damn long to upload a folder, so im makeing it short by only posting the map. (Carpocolypse300 or known as VJ300, takes a breather) I type to much, why are you still reading this, dont you have somthing better to do... guess not, your life is great, about just as great as mine, TYPE TYPE DUCK, yeah I dont know, but really... why are you still reading this?
Carpocolypse30017 years ago2007-04-03 14:04:07 UTC 0 comments
I hate the way VHE compiles, cause it made me give up my mod Half-Life Funny Force, reason why is because I just fucking hate the (to many direct light styles on face ?, ?, ?) so im probably gonna take some time in thinking how im going to remake my mod, but I will name it somthing differnt. Note: Any mapers that alowed me to use thier maps in my mod, yes, I will still include them in the next funny mod.
Carpocolypse30017 years ago2007-03-26 03:07:36 UTC 0 comments
I've FINALY, been working on my maps again, but I've gotten much better at mapping and a have 4 pics to show it, but I have not textured everything because I am foucesing on the map before the textures and entitys.
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