kc8kjp14 years ago2007-10-05 19:06:19 UTC 0 comments
My mapping modivation is somewhat back, in half life 2 though, im working on a map for the compo, whitch i plan on being good in detail (no shit) but im putting some of my best ideas that i can pull off into it. :cool:
kc8kjp14 years ago2007-09-29 15:13:48 UTC 0 comments
Today i opened valve hammer editor and started adding to silent running, so im starting to feel like mapping more and more Hello kc8kjp! This is your 2500th login. :cool:
kc8kjp14 years ago2007-09-11 18:04:22 UTC 0 comments
Mapping has been on a dead stop lately. School started and made me a bit depressed, but right now im really involved in Counter Strike Source, I'm a regular on the server Mad Irishmen, and im probably close to being an admin when they start recruiting, scence i have such a good rep in the community. :) But I've had alot of mapping ideas, school just makes me not want to map yet. :(
kc8kjp14 years ago2007-09-01 22:09:20 UTC 0 comments
Havent made a journal in a while, ive been busy lately, mainly, i got a new computer, its an Emachine with windows vista, but after about a week i got my old maps and shit on this computer, i have worked a bit on Silent running, and i have noticed this computer lets me compile alot faster, ive been a bit more intrested in Half life 2 mapping lately though. :cool:
kc8kjp14 years ago2007-08-25 10:35:56 UTC 0 comments
Scence school is near, this is the most depressing time of the year for me, mapping has been slow for me, i havent worked on Silent running in a month, but im slowly working on some CSS and HL2 maps :cool:
kc8kjp14 years ago2007-08-18 13:11:35 UTC 0 comments
In case you didnt notice, i havent logged in for a week, no im not done with TWHL :biggrin: i was on a weeklong vacation to rice lake canada...and it sucked balls, but now im back :cool:
kc8kjp14 years ago2007-07-30 18:56:54 UTC 0 comments
wow, i have been busy today! I started off improving my transit system map for my first level, started off okay, then exploded, it looks great right now and ill upload a pic when its near done but its already looking like a nice, large open enviorment with alot of people in it. Also today i decided to take another look at the modeling tutorial for hl1, the second time around i actually understood it! I tried a few things that didnt work like giving a barney a 357, but with the Spirit hl1 engine, and being able to model, i will be able to do 2 things in silent running that ive always wanted to do, be able to use the low definition MP5, because it looks a little cooler to me :) and with some of spirits special functions, i will be able to also include the Black Ops in Silent running, but heres some of the modeling ive done today, heres a pick of a Black Op with a shotgun :D
User posted image
and heres a pick of the high def human grunt with the low def mp5, i also changed most of the heads on this human grunt to OPFOR heads :)
User posted image
kc8kjp14 years ago2007-07-29 11:03:33 UTC 0 comments
Lately i have realized that where silent running is going isnt anywhere near my best work, whitch is what im redoing it, so i have decided to make a new intro with a full transit system sequence, and i will make all thee levels more interesting brush and entity wise. :cool:
kc8kjp14 years ago2007-07-27 13:42:19 UTC 0 comments
Me and carpocolypse300 were roaming on the internet today and discovered some stuff for Half Life Spirit that we didnt know before, but from now on im probably going to be making mods on the Spirit engine, including silent running :cool:
kc8kjp14 years ago2007-07-21 12:57:42 UTC 0 comments
I have been obsessed with Counter Strike Source lately, ive still done a bit of mapping but mostly CSS, this will prob change soon scence im getting alot of mapping ideas :cool:
kc8kjp14 years ago2007-07-13 13:19:40 UTC 0 comments
Well, the problem i was having earlier in silent running killed itself, so i wont be changing the maps for silent running, ill just keep going from where i am, 8 levels strong :cool:
kc8kjp14 years ago2007-07-08 22:54:16 UTC 0 comments
Well, the day i got back from my vacation i got a new video card that makes my computer alot faster and allows me to use HDR in hl2, lately ive been mainly mapping for hl2, especially with water, but right now ive been working on some new scenes for Silent-Running :cyclops:
kc8kjp14 years ago2007-07-05 10:35:40 UTC 0 comments
Just got back from vacation, we went to shipshuwana, me my mom, and my dad, and we got a ton of stuff at the markets there, together we probably spent over 300 dollars, i myself got 5 airsoft guns, 2 of whitch i bought because they look like they were from HL2, in a bit my dad is gonna be taking me to best buy to get a video card that can run HDR!!! :biggrin:
kc8kjp14 years ago2007-07-02 17:10:36 UTC 0 comments
Tommorow I will be going on a vacation to indiana (OMG 3 HOURS AWAY!) and i wont be back till like, around 4'ish on thursday, and i uploaded and EXAMPLE MAP!, so until i get back..uh :biggrin:
kc8kjp15 years ago2007-06-28 21:27:41 UTC 0 comments
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