raver1 year ago2022-10-01 13:08:08 UTC 3 comments
Today I had a hunch: "would TWHL still exist?". Did a quick search and yes! Even Rimrook and Satchmo stills hangs around here, sick.

I've been gone for 13 years (im 32 now, 19 at the time i was last active, was there since I was 15) and will be gone too. My life is so different from the time I was here at TWHL.

From gaming full-time, making maps, earning money with counterstrike tournaments to a restaurant owner with one Michelin star where I cook myself ;)

ps; I still game as a hobby, now together with my 4 year old son and my wife

Time flies
raver10 years ago2013-11-19 21:37:14 UTC 11 comments
Raise your hands if you still connect via in your browser
raver14 years ago2010-05-06 11:45:17 UTC 8 comments
I'm back
raver14 years ago2009-10-24 20:18:25 UTC 9 comments
Today I tested out a new dish: "Curry/Coffee soufl? with white chocolate custard". Delicious.
raver14 years ago2009-09-17 18:14:57 UTC 12 comments
Who want some meat!
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ps; I got hair ...
raver14 years ago2009-09-13 18:03:42 UTC 20 comments
Need to think about 15 different finger foods with high standards for next tuesday ...
I got nothing yet ...
I got no time ...
Hell yea my work is fun ...
raver14 years ago2009-08-29 09:28:48 UTC 8 comments
Slap your problems away with a slap chop
raver14 years ago2009-08-18 07:31:26 UTC 17 comments
Turning 26 today, yay?
raver14 years ago2009-06-12 10:09:55 UTC 6 comments
A foreman was assigned three new workers, two big strong local men, and a little guy from Japan.

Because of their size, the foreman gave the two locals the digging work, and told the Japanese man "You'll be in charge of supplies."

After an hour or so, the foreman came back to check on their progress only to find the two locals sitting down doing nothing.

"What happened? Why aren't you at work?"

The men replied that their tools were broken and that the Japanese man in charge of supplies, had disappeared.

Worried, the foreman ordered the two men outside the mine to help look for the little guy.

Just when they were about to give up the search, the Japanese guy jumps up from behind a rock and yells "Supplies!!"
raver14 years ago2009-06-09 17:05:35 UTC 9 comments
my father said I got a big pennie collection. Its pretty big I guess.

Next thing I want to show you are the basics of a design for a big competition. This is made in 15 minuts after a quick sketch on paper. So this work is only very basic.

Anyway, the whole thing will be made in chocolate and from buttom to top it will be 1 meter...
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raver15 years ago2009-05-15 16:07:57 UTC 6 comments
Silly day

A souffl? is a light, fluffy, baked dish made with egg yolks and beaten egg whites combined with various other ingredients and served as a savory main dish or sweetened as a dessert. The word souffl? is the past participle of the French verb souffler which means "to blow up" or more loosely "puff up" ? an apt description of what happens to this combination of custard and egg whites.
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raver15 years ago2009-04-23 17:27:24 UTC 3 comments
raver15 years ago2009-04-20 17:50:15 UTC 5 comments
Bad day

First a good girlfriend lost her baby, he lived 2 hours.
Second a REALY good friend of mine got cancer in his knee.

life sucks
raver15 years ago2008-06-21 10:12:38 UTC 0 comments
kznl_factory got released!

hf playing it!
raver16 years ago2008-05-27 16:01:02 UTC 4 comments
Just a little question, when does voting for MotM May begins?