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You'd better give me something to fill the hole
Before I sputter out

From Novocaine for the Soul, by eels
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I'm honoured.

Going to see Regina Spektor soon! Yay. Exams first, though.

Next term plans: more organisation, less spontaneity.
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I'm now a qualified first-aider, so if any of you have chest pains or feel faint, fear not.
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Isn't Ant good?

Mmm, freshers' week.
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To Rome, I go.

With my lack of activity my absence for a week from the country could go unnoticed had I not here so elaborated.
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Hello Seventh-Monkey! This is your 11377th login.
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Hey, I'm alive again. Praise be!
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This is your 11111th login. HAX
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Hello Seventh-Monkey! This is your 11000th login.

Also, I managed about a twenty-five day uptime with no effort, until BF2 fucked me over. Oh, and I have 448kb/s upstream now, and something between 8Mb and 2Mb down. Nildram'll tweak it around for a week, apparently.
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\BLACK-PIG has been up for: 15 day(s), 20 hour(s), 13 minute(s), 46 second(s)
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Hello Seventh-Monkey! This is your 10000th login.

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I'm seeing EELS again in London on the 23rd of June! Hoorah! :biggrin:
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Holiday! Phew. Finally.

Hello Seventh-Monkey! This is your 9700th login.
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I have some natty new shoes. The old ones have fallen apart, having done about nine hundred miles over the last nine months or so.
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I don't feel all that well.