jtmk00711 years ago2011-11-25 10:07:58 UTC 4 comments
so instead of posting to the compo thread, whoever comes across this gets to read it.

I am here to rant about all the mishaps during my attempt at compo 31.

1. Didn't go to this site to find out their was a new compo until after about 1/3 of the compo time had passed.

2. Didn't remember to go back to the site to download the texture pack and start working on it until over a week after, about 1/2 into the allotted time.

3. Didn't get to really start until about 2 weeks left.

4. Restarted my compy after a windows update. Hammer 3.5 nor 3.4 no longer work with windows 7 64bit. :(, which means no model previews (Now how am I going to build collision brushes to match the models?)

Stuck using Hammer 3.3...

5. Waited until about 4 days before due to try to compile any of my maps... "AllocBlock: full" Error. My maps were supposedly too big.

6. Tried to refit my maps to make them smaller, but still no luck.

7. Resorted to resizing the textures to free up memory the map was using - this took about half of a night, but then the colors were distorted when pasting them into PS to resize... :(, so I had redo several of the textures, and they still aren't correct!

8. Spent the rest of that night replacing only half of the textures on ONE of my maps.

9. 2.5hrs of sleep later, day of the deadline, approx. 4hrs left. Almost finished retexturing the same 1 map of 4 to 7 I had planned.

10. Said forget this - I was proud of what I had built, but it wasn't functional yet, and no where close to even a super shrunk short mission. Not worthy of representing my capabilities.

But maybe two good things....

Things can't be worse for the next compo... (or can they? switching to source and not knowing how all the extra entities work? that's what TWHL is for!)

11. Steam is having a great Autumn sale! :D I bought 8 items from my wish list on sale... and bought 8 more cheap fun games!

12. I will still work on my short mission using just the textures provided and upload... later...