Meerjel012 weeks ago2022-06-16 17:07:19 UTC 3 comments
Segment 5

A long time since the last one. Decided to make Gmod videos here instead.
Meerjel012 months ago2022-04-30 19:06:34 UTC 6 comments
Everyone's allowed to watch my Twitter. I'm asking cause of minor depression.
Meerjel013 months ago2022-04-01 10:39:40 UTC 4 comments
User posted image
These are old models. I'm gonna try make better ones. (The 2D eyes will stay for the day this gets to the Xbox)
Meerjel014 months ago2022-02-06 11:52:54 UTC 5 comments
Segment 4

Showing the physgun that I put in action.
Meerjel016 months ago2022-01-02 20:27:19 UTC 3 comments
Just felt like putting a link to my Twitter here. Might start some sort of conversation.

Meerjel01's Twitter
Meerjel016 months ago2021-12-22 08:14:17 UTC 9 comments
My conscious. I had an idea for a comic involving the Half-Life 1 Alpha. It's gonna be like my Marathon comic where an OC walks around in Black Mesa doing funny things and getting herself into danger. I haven't started with it yet and it might not be made.

I already have a funny parody comic and I'm usually not making fan art of popular things like Half-Life. But if someone wants to change my mind then go ahead. I can listen.
Meerjel018 months ago2021-10-29 16:04:20 UTC 10 comments
I where banned from a discord server dedicated to the OG Xbox version of Half-Life 2 some time ago. Still feel a bit bad about it even if I don't remember what I did.

Or maybe they shut it off. Don't know.
Meerjel018 months ago2021-10-15 12:18:19 UTC 3 comments
Would want to update the HappyFaces mod. So I'm gonna do that. cause I think I know what to add to it. I don't seem to have the code for it and neither do I have a way to play it cause I only have a 2004 version of Source playable.

Is it possible getting the vault item of HappyFaces removed so I can replace it? I might need to download the mod first tho.
Meerjel018 months ago2021-10-13 09:00:58 UTC 5 comments
It's not you people that are useless. I found that out now.

I am useless and I don't deserve kindness.
Meerjel011 year ago2021-04-17 20:23:50 UTC 3 comments
I finally made a ragdoll for gmod. It looks like this.

I made more but this one was the first ragdoll I made. I know no one wants to care about it since I've acted a bit rough to those people here. But I just wanted to say that I did something at last.