Meerjel011 week ago2022-11-23 16:55:41 UTC 3 comments
I've made a cute animation
Meerjel011 month ago2022-10-23 09:42:51 UTC 5 comments
Do tell me if the video plays at all.
Meerjel012 months ago2022-09-11 18:37:19 UTC 1 comment
I've gotten the feeling of hatred so I drew a motivative Gift.
User posted image
Sadness might show trust and humanity but happiness feels good to have.
Meerjel012 months ago2022-09-08 17:39:00 UTC 1 comment
I'm a music artist :>
Meerjel013 months ago2022-09-02 14:53:15 UTC 3 comments
28 - 27 = Existence
Meerjel014 months ago2022-07-26 18:28:15 UTC 3 comments
User posted image
The ragdoll is a bit messy so I'll try to stay with an animated NPC instead.
Meerjel014 months ago2022-07-11 17:09:32 UTC 4 comments
I made a DVD with the Rezzy videos in it so I'll give it out here now. Take your old DVD player, blow away the dust and see!

Also excuse me for 2 journals in a row. Tho it's not like they got made in the same day.
Meerjel014 months ago2022-07-07 17:23:32 UTC 2 comments
Gift Being CuteGift Being Cute
I can't get myself to work on 3D so I guess I'll work more on 2D since that's what I can best. I was thinking if Gift couldn't fit in the engine since my draw style is too stylish for 3D. Which might be the reason I'm not doing 3D at all mostly.
Meerjel015 months ago2022-06-16 17:07:19 UTC 3 comments
Segment 5

A long time since the last one. Decided to make Gmod videos here instead.
Meerjel017 months ago2022-04-30 19:06:34 UTC 6 comments
Everyone's allowed to watch my Twitter. I'm asking cause of minor depression.
Meerjel018 months ago2022-04-01 10:39:40 UTC 4 comments
User posted image
These are old models. I'm gonna try make better ones. (The 2D eyes will stay for the day this gets to the Xbox)
Meerjel0110 months ago2022-02-06 11:52:54 UTC 5 comments
Segment 4

Showing the physgun that I put in action.
Meerjel0111 months ago2022-01-02 20:27:19 UTC 3 comments
Just felt like putting a link to my Twitter here. Might start some sort of conversation.

Meerjel01's Twitter
Meerjel0111 months ago2021-12-22 08:14:17 UTC 9 comments
My conscious. I had an idea for a comic involving the Half-Life 1 Alpha. It's gonna be like my Marathon comic where an OC walks around in Black Mesa doing funny things and getting herself into danger. I haven't started with it yet and it might not be made.

I already have a funny parody comic and I'm usually not making fan art of popular things like Half-Life. But if someone wants to change my mind then go ahead. I can listen.
Meerjel011 year ago2021-10-29 16:04:20 UTC 10 comments
I where banned from a discord server dedicated to the OG Xbox version of Half-Life 2 some time ago. Still feel a bit bad about it even if I don't remember what I did.

Or maybe they shut it off. Don't know.