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I don't think I'm gonna make any games at all. I'm too distressed and depressed to work on anything all the time. And even if I succeed on getting something finished I'll mess things up and ruin my life even more. I've made something. The Barrel, a thing that I don't want to go inside off. I rather die young than ruin any more parts of my life.
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It's true and I can't stop with it. I'm always wondering when I'm going to break down when I work on anything game related.
Meerjel019 months ago2023-02-27 16:56:02 UTC 3 comments
Modding consoles are a veteran job :)

I'm in regret again about the things that I did to people. Not just here but everywhere else. I'm too toxic okay?
It's okay to say that people are ignoring me because of my lackluster drawing skills and bad behavior.
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Science Team
Meerjel0110 months ago2023-01-16 13:31:36 UTC 3 comments
I have a confession that I have a part of me that I'm not proud of. I also am dearly sorry for what I did to people on the internet, not just here. The pain I caused made me a demon in my mind that might as well come out in the future fully. That's one of my major fears that I wish I could undo. I fear it not because of it today but it's later appearance. As I said, I'm NOT proud of it.

I thought over something whilst listening to a song and it moved me and I want it to be true. I want to be a good Meerjel. I'm extremely unfocused and might try to go over again but I need something to think about to keep away. Or receive something to stop being sad, cause when I get sad then it will harm more than myself. Hopefully one day I can break free and be what I want to be. And I hope everyone else has something to win that is worth it.

Meerjel0111 months ago2022-12-26 16:30:15 UTC 6 comments
I did it
Work in progress.
Meerjel011 year ago2022-11-23 16:55:41 UTC 8 comments
I've made a cute animation
Meerjel011 year ago2022-10-23 09:42:51 UTC 5 comments
Do tell me if the video plays at all.
Meerjel011 year ago2022-09-11 18:37:19 UTC 1 comment
I've gotten the feeling of hatred so I drew a motivative Gift.
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Sadness might show trust and humanity but happiness feels good to have.
Meerjel011 year ago2022-09-08 17:39:00 UTC 1 comment
I'm a music artist :>
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28 - 27 = Existence
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The ragdoll is a bit messy so I'll try to stay with an animated NPC instead.