For the past week, I've been looking at nothing but Half-Life 2 Beta stuff and listening to the sound effects. There's something about the aesthetic of the beta that I just love. I love the dark steam-cyberpunk feeling it gives.
I've also been VERY busy with music and Half-Life: Zombies Ate My Neighbours. New sound effects, new soundtracks, new models, new GUIs and new levels.
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The work for it never ends, I guess; plus, to add onto that, I've been busy with another game — Shooter Tourneys. It was released five days and 24 minutes ago on April 15th at midnight. I wasn't able to play it for another thirteen hours though. I had to go over to my studio, the Groovebox, to get some SFX done for ZAMNHL (the codename for Half-Life: Zombies Ate My Neighbours.) There's a few physical equips in there, but I spend most of the time on the computer in there on Ableton seeing what I can do.
I will keep you updated with how my projects go in the future.
Edit: I will be making these journals every ten days.
Now logging off,