franky13 years ago2006-03-27 05:32:20 UTC 0 comments
yes, it has been a while, but me and blueblade now have half life 2, expect maps, and some more maps. Something cool is coming. :badass:
franky14 years ago2005-02-08 09:10:52 UTC 0 comments
hmm, i think i'm gonna get started on science 2, i have some good ideas, and i think i am gonna make mostermakers so the fun will last as long as you want it to :)
franky14 years ago2005-02-08 05:56:07 UTC 0 comments
The "RECON OPS" mod is under contruction. it's gonna be based of of an old comic book series of blueblade's and mine. more him though, he did all the finished stuff. but, it's gonna be funny, cool, and maybe a little strange, but it's under way. blue is gonna do the basic mapping, and i'm gonna go in ad detail it. it should look pretty nice
franky14 years ago2005-01-31 18:41:37 UTC 0 comments
it has finally happened, franky, has come back to half life mapping

and he has an xbox and halo 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes! :P