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Posted 12 years ago2006-02-04 09:32:15 UTC
A New HL1 Project is starting. Issues?!!!

This was sent to all the Issues people:
Over on the Spirit of Half-Life boards there's been a certain amount of interest expressed in doing another PQL/Issues like map-pack of Spirit based maps. It probably means I'm certifiably insane, but I'm actually considering leading it. I wanted to find out how you guys felt about it first though - after all Issues was a group effort.

I'm not really sure how much interest there might be in doing another project based on HL1. I know some of the VERC regulars tried to do a PQL3 based on HL2, but it seems to have fizzled - so this might be really "beating a dead horse" so to speak.

I guess to find out I'll just have to make a few posts around and see what kind of response I can get.

I don't have eMails any more for all of our orignal group - for that matter I'm not sure if the one's I have for all of you are still good. If you know of any others, please pass this on to them (and let me know what their eMail addresses are).

If you haven't heard of Issues, urgh.. Look it up at moddb or read about the idea here:

I'm not sure how far Firebinder would have wanted me to spread this....

So, if you're interested in another HL:Spirit Project, make your self known by broadcasting your approval via any electronic dispatch.

PS: Don't Email me - i don't/won't/didn't run the mod.


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