Journal #3326

Posted 16 years ago2006-05-23 14:27:53 UTC
TawnosPrime TawnosPrimeI...AM...CANADIAN!
Well, I might as well use this sometime.

I began my mappin' w/ CS 1.6. However, a couple o' weeks ago, I had a falling out w/ the owner/admins of the only decent server I was ever able to find (by decent, I mean AWP/Autos are allowed and they don't mind swearing (some say I have an addiction, but I just love to swear, that's all)).

Anyway, I've now moved exclusively to Source ('cept HL1 and a mod or 2), mostly so the asses at that CS server can't play the maps I told them I was workin' on. THe move does allow my to create some maps that I wanted to though, maps that aren't possible in 1.6. By this, I mean my secret and original idea (least I have yet to see it done anyway) that I have codenamed 'reversal'. It should add a pleasant and interesting twist to the gameplay.


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