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Posted 14 years ago2007-08-31 17:01:29 UTC
It's been well over a year since my last journal update here. It's already been 1.5 year ago that my best friend died. It's been almost 2 years since I threw out my last HL map, Trirena. Time really flies. Fast.

A month ago my mother died of cancer. You'd expect us to be shocked, but that wasn't really the case. We've had some time to get used to her absence, since she was in the hospital for the last half year. But most importantly, God has really helped us - and her - through. She was a great encouragement for us and for others, despite her grave situation, and now all of us - me, my father and my two younger brothers - experience a peace that's just not normal for such a situation. We've had a great time with my mother, she was a fantastic person, and we surely miss her. But we also know she's in heaven now because she accepted Jesus Christ, and we know we'll see her again after we die. And God doesn't just stop with these promises, he's also confirming them with this peace we have.

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Commented 4 years ago2018-01-16 21:09:48 UTC Comment #35673
I know this is ten years late, but I am sorry about your loss.

You may not remember me, but I sure remember you. You were one of my first mapping mentors, patiently going over my level designs and giving me constructive criticisms.

As one life ends, another begins. It was right around the time your mother died when my son was born. Now that he's almost 11 years old.

Anyways, I hope you can come back and visit us sometimes.

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