Journal #4598

Posted 16 years ago2007-09-15 20:44:43 UTC
Im not dead, its just not really any mapping related things have gone on. I would work on maps but since its the starting of the school year im into makeing computer art currently. As the year for school progresses though, eventualy I will be back into mapping but currently my skill is set on School, and Computer Art.

No Funny Force is NOT dead, its just basicly on a hold until near the starting of summer, then It will be worked on again. Even though Funny Force has parts that I dont consider Funny, im am still going to make the mod with as many funny ideas that people will laugh at.

The CSS map I ocasionaly work on is called de_devistation. Yes my previous journals talked about the map, but the map is sort of on hold until I learn more about the SDK mapping in how to make it look really good an still the right kind of areas for Snipeing, Camping, etc.

Also, I may be changing the story for when I make Independent Force. I have had the idea of makeing you just a normal citizen outside of blackmesa, a teacher at a school when chaos starts because of the black mesa insident. Even though yes this would mean thier would be no training course and a question of what weapons and how he knows how to use them and about combine and all such other crap of that, I will recreate Independent Forces story into a correct and as simple story as possible that I can. :biggrin:


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