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Posted 13 years ago2008-10-17 15:04:24 UTC
Late, I know, but whatever; I think Valve is really making an great effort to put the source modding community on spot like it once was with goldsource, yet they stimulate the current development of modding which I think is a somewhat negative development. For the simple fact they give mods a oppertunity to be hosted on steam and so opening them for a larger audience than they would have had when they weren't hosted I give them my thumbs up. However, the mods (5 atm, 5 more to come and perhaps more) that get hosted are big, populair and mostly total conversion mods with well-known concepts done so much before. That raises the modding standard once again which, for me, is a negative development. In the 'modding scene' there has been created this feeling of releasing a total conversion mod at first release. This is stimulated by gamers. Mods with a great concept but with stock HL2 enviroment won't be played anymore (unless it's something revolutionary), no, everything has to be custom at start, only then it is worth a play.... that's basicly the thought nowadays. This somewhat dissapoints me, because this puts many great ideas to sleep. Don't get me wrong, I like all those incredibly custom mods that get released (well, a lot I don't like actually, to name 2.... Insurgency is again a releastic middle-east shooter, Zombie Panic is sigh yet another Zombie game - I swear that people are fascinated with zombies) but I miss all those wacky smalltime mods people all gave a try back in the goldsource days. So yeh, i'm on a bit of hate-love feeling about the hosting of mods on Steam.

On a other note, Jailbreak! released a bunch of media from 0.5 - it is now a total conversion. Dinosaurs versus Robots, how random and brilliant is that! I'm a beta tester (woot, in one of the screenshots I make a comment in chat under 'Freshy Fresh' - LULZ, I R FAMOUS BIATCHES!) and I saw the mod grow. There have been quite a bunch of gameplay changes aswell, but all for the better i'd say. Personally, i'm a big fan of this mod (simply for the arcadish lulz supported by solid competitive gameplay) and hopefully it will be one of the next 5 mods to be hosted on steam. Anyhows anyways, you guys should give it a try when 0.5 releases. The community is very friendly and always welcoming newcomers.
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Hehe, I think this has to be one of my longest posts on TWHL ever.


Commented 13 years ago2008-10-17 15:09:09 UTC Comment #50529
that screenshot is one of the most ridiculous things i've ever seen.

the little dudes are hillariously awesome
Commented 13 years ago2008-10-17 15:17:48 UTC Comment #50531
You should seriously let people know of these mods you discover sooner. Dinosaurs & Robots sounds pretty fun, might give it a try sometime.
Commented 13 years ago2008-10-17 15:28:31 UTC Comment #50536
Your right FresheD, people are fascinated with zombies. I don't get it though, I find zombies extremely boring. The Half-life/hl2 zombies are indeed a step up though.

Mod looks great, I'm pretty much certain I will be giving it a try!
Commented 13 years ago2008-10-17 15:34:11 UTC Comment #50528
Well have you tried project-valkyrie? Kinda uses HL2 stuff but has a wacky concept.

I still enjoy mods with HL2 content though.
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omg skinny pants!
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Commented 13 years ago2008-10-17 17:46:09 UTC Comment #50530
Dinosaurs & Robots sounds interesting. Definetly going to try it.
Ty 'Freshy Fresh'
Commented 13 years ago2008-10-18 03:33:14 UTC Comment #50534
this is probably the most anyone has said in one go on this site
Commented 13 years ago2008-10-18 05:36:05 UTC Comment #50532
NineT has obviously never seen an Orpheus post.
Commented 13 years ago2008-10-18 06:35:50 UTC Comment #50533
I was bored and felt like ranting a bit, hence the long post. @ Habboi - I haven't tried that, but I saw screenshots and videos of the mod. Pretty much seems like a Metroid Prime ripoff tbh.

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