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Posted 10 years ago2009-11-23 07:30:28 UTC
Back from schoolies! it was off tha hookkkk!! but now im soooo fuckedd!

Latest news, got a new labrador puppy, called Monty, hes a nut case
and I got my new gaming/family computer, specs:
staying with XP
nvidia gtx 260
4gb ddr2
gigabyte 775pin mobo
antec tp 750w
antec 902
asus dvd/cd/burner drive

i also bought the valve complete pack over steam, but im faced with a massive dilemma, i only get 10gb/month download, and am on adsl2+ but ive gone over the quota, so now ive been given dialup speeds til the end of the month :'( (10kb/s downloads from steam) but what makes things EVEN worse is that I can't even start the download, while it is 'preparing the files for install' the load bar completes but the next button remains un-clickable and steam either freezes or is going to need 2 days to allow me to press next

is there any way that i can get the games onto my computer without downloading off steam, considering theres approximately 25-30gb of dloads and i only get 10gb/month - would copying the files of a friend's computer work?


Commented 10 years ago2009-11-23 08:12:52 UTC Comment #63415
It would work. Backup every file (and the 'common' folder) in your friend's 'steamapps' directory and throw them into your 'steamapps' directory. You'll probably still have to download some stuff, but the amount of stuff to download should be much less (depending on what games you and your friend have in common).
Commented 10 years ago2009-11-23 08:25:37 UTC Comment #63423
ohk great thanks penguinboy!
Commented 10 years ago2009-11-23 08:42:26 UTC Comment #63422
You'll need something that can hold all the data, like a portable hard drive, though.
And you'll need to change your friend's steamname to yours in the steamapps directory, or it'll have to download again anyway.
Commented 10 years ago2009-11-23 09:04:50 UTC Comment #63416
No, don't back up the username folder. Just the files and the 'common' folder. The username folder is simply just extracted files from the GCF files in the steamapps folder. Don't copy that one.
Commented 10 years ago2009-11-23 11:25:40 UTC Comment #63424
mk yeah I don't have an external so hopefully my mate's does
hl2 ep2 is 10gig far outttt
cheers for the replies guys
Commented 10 years ago2009-11-23 17:45:08 UTC Comment #63417
The fact that people still use internet with download limits makes me cry.

Seriously, If I had a crap load of money in a paypal account somewhere that I wouldn't miss, I would buy you, Jeff, and some other people here great internet connections.

Alas, I am a poor bastard. :<
Commented 10 years ago2009-11-23 20:12:48 UTC Comment #63427
im PO, cant afford the OR.....=(
Commented 10 years ago2009-11-23 20:49:47 UTC Comment #63420
What is PO and... oh, I get it.
Commented 10 years ago2009-11-23 20:57:46 UTC Comment #63418
I know what OR is, but whats PO?
Commented 10 years ago2009-11-24 02:09:31 UTC Comment #63425
lol im really confused, cant figure out wat OR or PO is im too tired

and what dont download limits exist in the US? fuck this lol
Commented 10 years ago2009-11-24 05:37:56 UTC Comment #63421
Commented 10 years ago2009-11-24 08:08:34 UTC Comment #63419
I don't see the point of abbreviating a 4 letter word...
Commented 10 years ago2009-11-24 09:17:04 UTC Comment #63426
hhahahhha good stuff

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