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Posted 10 years ago2010-01-23 22:04:23 UTC
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Everyone, assist me in making fun of above user, just post here and I'll send her the link.

But I do wish I was rich enough to "have microsoft"


Commented 10 years ago2010-01-23 22:11:04 UTC Comment #55527
There's only one thing I can say to that:

D'oh!, D'oh!, D'oh!, D'oh!, D'oh!, D'oh!, D'oh!, D'oh!, D'oh!, D'oh!, D'oh!, D'oh!, D'oh!, D'oh!, D'oh!, D'oh!, D'oh!, D'oh!, D'oh!, D'oh!........
Commented 10 years ago2010-01-23 22:18:43 UTC Comment #55519
Tell her you use PC OS.
Commented 10 years ago2010-01-23 22:43:56 UTC Comment #55532
Microsoft does the iPhone.
Windows is made my Macintosh.
Everyone knows that. :rly:
Commented 10 years ago2010-01-23 22:44:57 UTC Comment #55523
Hahaha shes gonna be so pissed at me ^_^
Commented 10 years ago2010-01-23 22:46:53 UTC Comment #55533
Also, Bill gates is the president of Campbells soup.
Commented 10 years ago2010-01-23 23:35:47 UTC Comment #55520
Bill Gates's real name is Harold Windorson. He goes by Bill Gates to not be confused with his operating system, and because he believes Microsoft is a gateway to Heaven.

She'll believe it.
Commented 10 years ago2010-01-24 01:39:57 UTC Comment #55535
Commented 10 years ago2010-01-24 01:43:32 UTC Comment #55524
11:40 PM - ATDestroy: pssst hey Alyssa
11:40 PM - Gpinipy: WHAT
11:40 PM - ATDestroy: bill gates is the president of campbells soup ^_^
11:40 PM - Gpinipy: __
11:40 PM - Gpinipy: yeah thanks JeffMOD
Commented 10 years ago2010-01-24 01:49:11 UTC Comment #55528
AWWWWW.......your forgiven.
Commented 10 years ago2010-01-24 01:50:33 UTC Comment #55522
You have to admit, that's a pretty funny/stupid mistake

Commented 10 years ago2010-01-24 01:53:34 UTC Comment #55525
No Tito, she wont sleep with you, so you can just shut up now.
Commented 10 years ago2010-01-24 05:41:39 UTC Comment #55536
Thats no girl! Its either an F.B.I. agent, or a man. per the rules of the internet. because girls dont get on the internet.
Commented 10 years ago2010-01-24 09:21:05 UTC Comment #55529
LOL, you have too much of a suspicious mind there, ATDestroy.

@brendanmint: No, there are plenty of girls on the internet. They mostly hangout in social sites like MySpace, IMVU or any forum board dedicated to the The Vampire Diaries TV show.
Commented 10 years ago2010-01-24 10:28:33 UTC Comment #55534
"yeah thanks JeffMOD"
You're welcome. :P
Commented 10 years ago2010-01-24 21:30:33 UTC Comment #55521
trying to get ANY internet pussy is sad. you should try for real girls Tito.
Commented 10 years ago2010-01-24 22:44:56 UTC Comment #55530
Oh man, this is what I get for being genuinely polite to a girl, go figure. Now, it's true what you said, "trying to get ANY internet pussy is sad", I agree with that. But where you fail big time, is when you try to apply that to me, it just does not compute in my case. For the record, I have a girlfriend, been with her for the past 16 months, am 100% happy with her and absolutely no need to be going after other women. Oh yea, I have plans to eventually marry her soon.
Commented 10 years ago2010-01-24 23:10:34 UTC Comment #55526
Lol Chill tito. I can't really tell if you're offended due to the wording of your posts, but everyone's just messing with you, dont worry about it.
Commented 10 years ago2010-01-24 23:20:24 UTC Comment #55531
Alright then, I'm chilled out, point taken.

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