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Posted 9 years ago2010-08-05 16:32:15 UTC
TJB TJBaka Alabastor_Twob
This morning my brother was mowing the lawn when for some reason the lawnmower caught fire. My dad quickly began to move it somewhere where it could burn itself out safely, when it exploded and injured his leg. A while ago when he was cutting logs with a chainsaw a piece of wood was torn out and hit him in the leg hard enough to damage the bone, well whatever it was that came off the mower hit him in the same spot, and now it's broken in two places. Apparently it'll be three weeks until it'll be healed.


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How unfortunate.
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Is the lawnmower electrical or runs on gasoline?
Commented 9 years ago2010-08-05 17:09:06 UTC Comment #54293
It's a petrol (gasoline) one.
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Oh, I feel sorry for your dad. I hope he gets better soon.
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Only 3 weeks?
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That might have been 3 weeks until he leaves the hospital, it was one of my brothers who told me, so he's probably wrong.
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dude i send my condolences.
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I feel sorry for your lawnmower.

... and your dad. I hope he gets well soon.
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That is some bad luck, i hope never break any bones let alone the smae bone twice.
Commented 9 years ago2010-08-05 23:01:48 UTC Comment #54296
holy shit that is some back luck. shit like that
happens to me all the time (the ol' if it can go
wrong it will, and at the worst possible time),
but never as serious as what happened to you dad..

hope he's better soon and make him stay indoors more often


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My dads got plenty of leg injuries as well, pretty gruesome ones too.

When I wasn't born yet he was riding a motorcycle and something bad happened that forced his foot to touch the ground, a bit of his foot came off, he had to search for it and then go to a hospital...

And another one when I was like 8, I was there when he had an accident with a chainsaw, it went into his leg. I was scared like shit lol.
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Could have been worse, I guess.
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wow that is such bad luck, atleast he's gonna recover, hope he gets better soon!
Commented 9 years ago2010-09-17 01:07:55 UTC Comment #54290
wow that sounds horrible. Gotta be careful with power tools.

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