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Posted 9 years ago2010-08-08 05:24:57 UTC
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer

So I threw together this video all about mapping decent looking corridors in GoldSource. Its all basic stuff but take a look. ;)

Check it out here

Also, let me know if I made any errors.


Commented 9 years ago2010-08-08 05:44:09 UTC Comment #42884
Nice little tut. I found it annoying that you took about 25% of the video talking about yourself and what you do rather than getting on with the tut.
Commented 9 years ago2010-08-08 13:38:09 UTC Comment #42886
Skals, there's a little slider at the bottom of youtube videos if you don't like that kinda stuff.

Me, personally, I like to know a bit about someone who's giving me a tutorial on something. (of course, I've watched every one of urby's vlog posts anyway, so..)
Commented 9 years ago2010-08-08 13:38:12 UTC Comment #42888
Nice tutorial Urby, but you have to try more on the "catch the attention of people" part :).
Commented 9 years ago2010-08-08 16:18:18 UTC Comment #42885
@ ATDestroy(er?): Yeah, It wouldn't load for me so I had to watch it.
Commented 9 years ago2010-08-08 16:45:14 UTC Comment #42887
O_o the youtube player itself didn't show up? only the video? I've never even heard of that. What the hell. lol
Commented 9 years ago2010-08-08 22:17:14 UTC Comment #42890
No, when he tried to seek it wouldn't load properly so he had to watch the whole thing.

Nice video urby.
Commented 9 years ago2010-08-09 12:49:23 UTC Comment #42889
Very good tutorial, Urby!

I really enjoyed it, and its something that all new mappers should look at to get a grasp of the different elements of a map and some nice little touches to convert a bland map into something interesting.

One thing you should have touched on would have been how exactly to do the features we see in the video.

What I mean is, that I noticed that there was not alot of 'on screen' viewing segments to see what your doing in hammer to create the things we see when you run around in game, ie placing two textures along one surface.

But then again maybe that kind of thing would be better in a video of its own, (correct mapping techniques) where you show how to make walls, floors, doors, windows, ceilings the 'correct' way. Which would generally be without carving, lowering r-speeds, and the most simple and easy to maintain way.

This would help new mappers by giving them a solid foundation of skills, which I believe the 'In the Beginning' series (don't get me wrong, it's a great resource) wasn't 100% successful in doing

In conclusion! Nice work, and keep it up, I hope to see more! *subscribes

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