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Posted 8 years ago2011-02-06 06:08:27 UTC
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
So, I ordered something on the 2nd of Jan and got pretty anxious when it hadn't arrived on the 29th...

Click here to see the delivery day :)

Skip to 9:18 if you don't want to see all the talking business and want to get to the details. ;)


Commented 8 years ago2011-02-06 08:55:42 UTC Comment #43049
Wow, I wasn't even aware that you still had an old white box instead of a modern pc :D.

Use it happily!
Commented 8 years ago2011-02-06 09:39:55 UTC Comment #43047
Grats on new pc. Have you got an older video card you're giving away by any chance? :D
Commented 8 years ago2011-02-06 10:03:54 UTC Comment #43041
My old card is an Ati Radeon HD 4670 which cut out more times than I'd like to count.

I have decided that ATi are not good at making Gfx cards. :P
Commented 8 years ago2011-02-06 10:28:11 UTC Comment #43048
I have Ati Raedon HD 2400, and it's shit, it keeps crashing like every time im on the internet. I want to buy a new card but yeah i was kinda being serious there, if you dont need that old one it would be more appreciated if you sent to me than just threw out.
Commented 8 years ago2011-02-06 11:40:03 UTC Comment #43040
I have NVidia and it owns.

Also, 12 gigs of ram? Really? Why?
Commented 8 years ago2011-02-06 12:08:31 UTC Comment #43050
Please do not start a war on Nvidia vs Ati because it is pointless. You are not hardware reviewers.
Commented 8 years ago2011-02-06 15:27:18 UTC Comment #43044
I've got no bad experience with ATI at all.
Not that I prefer them to Nvidia or anything, but neither would I prefer Nvidia to ATI.

ATI makes great cards for relatively cheap prices.
I had one which I bought for 200$ for 5 years ago. It could play Crysis on medium when combined with a decent CPU. And I got a new one last week. ATI Radeon HD 5750 which also is cheap (bought if for the same price as the last one, 200$) and so far it has been great. Crysis maxed out, GTA 4 on High (not Very High tho) and Bad Company 2 maxed out.
Commented 8 years ago2011-02-06 15:41:13 UTC Comment #43042
"Please do not start a war on Nvidia vs Ati because it is pointless. You are not hardware reviewers."

I'm not trying to start a war. I am simply laying out the facts. The last card I had was an ATi and it was appalling. It froze up sooo many times while running games that it was more than capable of running.

Also @Atom: Cos it's fast ^_^
Commented 8 years ago2011-02-06 16:13:58 UTC Comment #43052
Every ATI I've owned has run without problems. I've only owned shit Nvidia cards but that's beyond the scope.
Commented 8 years ago2011-02-06 16:49:51 UTC Comment #43045
By the time you find a need for 12 GB of RAM it'll already be time to upgrade again. You don't even need half of that for the most demanding games at the moment. Unless you're in the habit of simultaneously running Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, and Crysis all at the same time, you'll never even notice the difference.

But, hey, if you have the money, I guess I can't see why not. I mean, I'd say the same thing about the dual video cards and how wasteful it seems, but then again, if I had the money, I probably wouldn't be cutting corners either.
Commented 8 years ago2011-02-06 18:58:13 UTC Comment #43051
"Also @Atom: Cos it's fast ^_^"

Slowdowns due to ram only occur when you run so many applications that they eat up more Ram than you have. Adding more if you have sufficient is not going to increase system speed.

I highly doubt 12 gb will be useful. Do you use Adobe After Effects or something? Else, I think 8 gigs are more than enough.

That part of the money could be invested in something actually useful :P :D.
Commented 8 years ago2011-02-06 20:36:26 UTC Comment #43043
More often than not I will be doing something else while one of my videos renders which can be a lengthy process.

As for the dual graphics cards, the second GPU is currently being used for PhysX and while I know there are few games that take advantage of the tech, it adds that little bit more detail that the old PC couldn't handle.

Either way, I'm happy with the system and it should keep me going for a long time. :)
Commented 8 years ago2011-02-07 03:54:14 UTC Comment #43046
Yeah, there's something to be said for the ability to just sit back, relax, and enjoy your computer for a long time to come. The frantic upgrading mentality really sucks, it's nice to just have a really decent system and stick with it for a while.

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