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I kinda want to see Steam go the way of videos / music. I feel like they'd know how to do it properly.

But then I kinda don't. I hate sellouts.
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No, this is not good for the economy. From what I know the capitalist economy states that there shouldn't be 2-3 big competitors that cast shadows on everything else(yet the reality proves it the other way).

I mean, come on, steam selling games AND films and music? It's just ridiculous. We clearly need separate services for that. And for music there already are popular services, I don't know about films though.
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It's only an issue when the prices are fixed up. Steam dominates purely on price and convenience, things they are exceedingly good at keeping awesome.
Commented 8 years ago2011-02-14 16:57:56 UTC Comment #43056
I think I am on the fence on this one.

I like Steam but sometimes it gets on my last nerve.

"We clearly need separate services for that."

We already have services for music and movies. Netflix and take your choice of music services that already offer DRM. How is Steam going to do it any better?

I think it would be nice if you actually got a disk and maybe some paper instructions/whatnot with your freaking game purchase. If they had to do this then I don't think they would make as much money and the 30-70 margin would be more like 50-50. They make hand over foot because they never have to ship anything to anyone. Therefore they never spend any money on anything but game development and employees. Also, leaves alot more money to advertise which is pretty non-existent if you ask me.

Like I said, I am on the fence....

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