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Posted 10 years ago2011-04-06 06:13:01 UTC
Luke LukeLuke
Recently I decided I wanted to start reading comic books, and started with ones I know I'd probably like, being Batman. I like the modern approach to Batman, so I've been reading the recent-ish adaptations of Batman starting with Batman: Year One.

Year One is fantastic. It covers basically the start of Bruce Wayne's career as Batman, and introduces a lot of the main 'good' characters along the way. I'd go in more, but I just recommend picking up a copy. It's very well written by Frank Miller, and includes amazing artwork.

(I may add that I decided to go in chronological order of the modern comics.)

While I did skip a few issues due to (apparently) not so good story lines and whathaveyou, the next in the series was The Man Who Laughs, which features The Joker's first appearance in Gotham.
While not nearly as well done as Year One, it's definitely worth the read. The Joker is insane as always, and his story (which is very different from that of the movies) is pretty cool.

(On that note, I'll eventually get to The Killing Joke. I'm really excited to finally read it. I've heard nothing but great things.)

After that I got into The Long Halloween, which I'm currently still reading. Just done with the first chapter, and it's already fantastic. They're just getting into the origin of Two-Face. Very enthralling.

After this, I'll be reading The Dark Victory (featuring Robin's first intro), and THEN The Killing Joke.

I also own The Dark Knight Returns, but I think I want to read that last. It's apparently Frank Miller's take on the death of Batman. I plan on buying a few more comics, as well. Being Arkham Asylum (I want to read the comic before I play the game) as well as Batman: Hush, which is apparently also really good.

Has anyone else read, or take any interest, in Batman comics, or even comics in general? I'd like to hear what your reading / have read.
My roommate read a lot of the Punisher comics. They're insanely good, too. I think I'll read those eventually.

tl;dr Go fuck yourself.
tl;dr Batman comics.


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I skipped to the tl;dr, but it was tl so I dr.

Yes, I think I'm being very funny.
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I've read Watchmen, most of Scott Pilgrim, and some Kick-Ass (but it was pretty meh, like the film). I've got a list of stuff to read, and there's one or two "graphic novels" on it, like V for Vendetta and The Killing Joke.

You actually buying these?
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Watchmen was definitely worth the buy.
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Yeah, I actually own all the ones I mentioned except for Arkham Asylum, The Dark Victory, and Batman: Hush.

I think it's really cool having the physical copy, albeit they are pretty expensive for what they are. After adding all of these copies up, they total is about 100 dollars for 8 comic books. Which I suppose isn't TOO bad.

I'm definitely going to read Watchmen at some point after I'm done with Batman. It looks amazing, and I loved the movie.
Scott Pilgrim is iffy for me. I still haven't seen the movie. I'd rather see that first, see if it's interesting, then get the comic.
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Yeah, you can go to Barnes and noble and read most of them for free. I thumbed through sin city and was surprised how seamlessly the images from the graphic novel transitioned to the screen.

While i prefer to have paper pages for comics rather than some reader, i don't think i care enough to ever pay real money for them. (what do those one you mentioned cost, btw?)
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I don't remember specifics, but it's something like 10-15 dollars a 'book'.

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