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Posted 8 years ago2011-06-05 18:36:54 UTC
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
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Apparently I did a thing yesterday and I have a wife now. What are the odds. :P

( And no, it wasn't a bhuddist ceremony... seriously )

Anyway yeah, I got married. Go me!


Commented 8 years ago2011-06-05 18:41:04 UTC Comment #43085
Good for you urby! :)
Commented 8 years ago2011-06-05 18:54:32 UTC Comment #43090
Look at the expression on his face: "take that you guys, I pwned you at life"

Haha, anyway, have a nice marriage!
Commented 8 years ago2011-06-05 19:14:35 UTC Comment #43082
I'm sorry for your loss.
Commented 8 years ago2011-06-05 20:03:24 UTC Comment #43094
I dare you to tell her to make you a sandwich.
Commented 8 years ago2011-06-05 21:18:28 UTC Comment #43096
Commented 8 years ago2011-06-05 23:40:41 UTC Comment #43091
Congrats to both of you!
Commented 8 years ago2011-06-06 00:05:38 UTC Comment #43083
Commented 8 years ago2011-06-06 00:21:17 UTC Comment #43095
Commented 8 years ago2011-06-06 00:27:05 UTC Comment #43089
yoohoo happy day! congrats!


Commented 8 years ago2011-06-06 05:56:15 UTC Comment #43092
Can't see the image. Grats, I guess. Or not. You know what they say - a man isn't complete until he's married. Then he is finished. Or something like that.

Have fun with it.
Commented 8 years ago2011-06-06 07:22:43 UTC Comment #43098
That was actually the quote word for word. My dad has the sticker on his dash.
[Well, it actually goes "A man isn't complete until he's married--Then he's finished!", but such a minor difference it doesn't matter.]

Commented 8 years ago2011-06-06 08:21:00 UTC Comment #43093

Good Job having a life. While we all sit here on our computers. ONE DAY.
Commented 8 years ago2011-06-06 09:48:12 UTC Comment #43099
Wow cool, congrats. Have fun : D
Commented 8 years ago2011-06-06 09:56:11 UTC Comment #43087
Conratulations! See looks like quite a catch.
Commented 8 years ago2011-06-06 10:36:00 UTC Comment #43086

"See looks like quite a catch."
Commented 8 years ago2011-06-06 13:35:58 UTC Comment #43084
Haha. "Urby having a life."
Man, how do you have all these people fooled?
Commented 8 years ago2011-06-06 18:33:35 UTC Comment #43097
This looks shopped.
Commented 5 years ago2014-04-24 12:29:10 UTC Comment #43088
I'm a bit late, aren't I?

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