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Posted 8 years ago2012-06-30 20:41:21 UTC
I got a pet! A parakeet. They are awesome! They are super social and highly intelligent, can learn to talk and sing with you, and aren't meant to be caged for long periods of time. Soon this little dude will be chillin' on my shoulder watching me game. Only problem is that I haven't named him yet!

Gender is unsure, since it's nearly impossible to tell in birds, particularly when they're as young as this guy. So, gender neutral names would be best but male or female names are fine too!

He is white, with a baby blue belly and tail and little spots of black. Let's decide an appropriately geeky name for him!

Nothing too silly, because they've got lifespans of 10-15 years, I don't want a joke name that will get old fast.

TWHL brainstorming session GO!


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Jumanji Probably spelled it wrong.
Commented 8 years ago2012-06-30 21:58:13 UTC Comment #52236
nice. Flanker? Loot?

Summer sale game to whoever's name I pick?
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Had a parakeet once, called him Elvis, until he laid an egg.
Turns out he was a she. She was almost never in her cage, and she would sometimes build a little nest in the hallway to protect her eggs and in the middle of the night attack any unsuspecting victim who had to go to the bathroom.

Of course we had to remove the eggs from her nest. No point in letting her waste her time on them. There was no male bird around so the eggs were good for nothing but omelette.

Anyways, parakeets are awesome, treat it well! And don't give it any mirrors, a common misstake, but a dangerous one as some birds actually go crazy by mirrors. Nobody told me that, luckily I never bought one.
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Name it Articuno. Too bad Articuno is a blue bird with a white belly :[ would have been perfect if it was the opposite.
Commented 8 years ago2012-07-01 02:01:05 UTC Comment #52234
Parakeets are awesome! :D Grats.

"The Project" would be an excellent name for bringing up in casual conversation. "Yeah I'd love to see that film. Just gimme five mins, I have to feed The Project."

I'm trying all of these in the phrase "<name> The Parakeet"





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Reminds me of a Nancy Drew game. Forgot whether it was a parrot or parakeet. Anyway in that game I ended up getting nancy eaten by a piranha plant. So I think u should name your parakeet 'Nancy'. Not really saying it will get eaten by a piranha plant or anything like that. Not a all. Ok, maybe a little.
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Teach it to say "Listen!" and call it Navi.
Seriously though, don't do that.
Commented 8 years ago2012-07-01 04:49:45 UTC Comment #52242
I seriously read that "PeePee".

Here's another one: Popinjay (although this is not really original).
Commented 8 years ago2012-07-01 05:38:52 UTC Comment #52243

Just keep an eye on it in case its head falls off.
Commented 8 years ago2012-07-01 06:56:01 UTC Comment #52246
I dont give names to pets. But id call my parrot "Nigga".

So when I'm all like:
  • Yo nigga!
My parrot goes:
  • Sup mah main nigga!
Damn that would be so ultra cool!
Commented 8 years ago2012-07-01 07:37:26 UTC Comment #52240
Name him Robwerto.
Commented 8 years ago2012-07-01 11:35:22 UTC Comment #52237
I think I'll start the training with "hello" Stojke, lol.
Commented 8 years ago2012-07-01 14:44:47 UTC Comment #52233
I shall call you Eduardo!
Commented 8 years ago2012-07-01 15:15:02 UTC Comment #52238

Seriously I'm beginning to like "Loot". It's geeky but not a joke that will get stale, and it just sounds like a birds name. Lut. Lute. Loot. Yeah? It's also got a personal touch since D3 sort of rekindled a friendship between me and one of my best friends and neighbors when he got back from school. For a while there we drifted a bit. Now we do Inferno runs together and this little bird will be chillin with us and watching.

Loot is now the name to beat.

Of the suggestions so far I like Pyro (favorite tf2 class), Nancy (no clue why). Peetee is good except I already had a duck named PD (named after the author of Are You My Mother because the duckling followed us home) and that sounds too similar when you say it.

Mariowned your idea is awesome and if I had heard it before i picked one out, i'd have looked for a blue w/ white belly. Maybe if I decide to get him a partner I'll do it.

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