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Posted 9 years ago2012-07-16 10:27:46 UTC
Stojke StojkeUnReal
Journal time!

Ok, so, I haven't written much lately, but lots of stuff happened in the past month and this one too.

I will first start off that since 3rd of July i am officially 20 years old!

Yay for me, time sure flies, I'm gonna die in 40 years ;_; WHERE HAS LIFE GONE TO! and similar whining :D

Second most important is that i am also, since July 3rd, a student of Information Technology! (Computers and hardware).
4th best on the entire student list, and 3rb best by the number of exam points in the entire faculty of all directions it offers.

So from now on, after a year of doing god knows what useless things, i am finally getting back to school :)
This course is 3 + 2 years (if im good enough, and i have no doubt i wont be), than after that if i score over 300ESPB points i can go for 3 more years to become Doctor of IT.
But that latter, first this :D

The other important news is that i now have some new computer hardware, yeah!
First of all is my new PC housing! Chieftec UNI 02B, hell yeah:

I payed only 18 euros for it! Amazing deal i must say.

Second in the line of hardware improvement is new RAM memory. GEIL Ultra 1600MHz DDR3 2x2GB 7 7 7 24 latency

Costs 80 euros! Extreme game memory, i payed it, yep you guessed right, 18 euros as well!

The last, but definitely not least, is my new GPU, the amazing Gainward GTX295!

Only i removed the dumb sticker. I payed 75 euros for it, really cheap if you ask me. This GPU is a monster, DX10 though, but it does shit right.

Over all I'm happy with my purchases and what happened these days, its been nice. Im also completing my new old pc for old hardware, gonna play some dos games :)

Also, I've noticed I've got a flaw i need to fix/overcome. I seem to imagine something amazing and than have no need what so ever to make it and realize it (Mapping/Projects). Gonna have to work on that.
Also I've started a big project in source that i can not complete, again I'm shooting for the stars again >_<

I so need to learn on how to make models and textures...


Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 10:47:49 UTC Comment #66576
What kind of a setup are you running ?
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 10:56:21 UTC Comment #66584
Intel i5 750 @ 3.2GHz
Geil Ultra 4GB 1600 MHz 7 7 7 24
GA P55 UD3 MoBo
Gainward GTX295
WD6400AAKS + WD800BB
Sound Blaster X Fi extreme music SB0460
LC Power 600W PSU (gonna replace it soon with Chieftec 700W [80e cost x_x])

All i need now is a nice SSD.
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 11:00:17 UTC Comment #66575
Happy birthday! Very nice with the faculty, that's where I'm going too!
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 11:11:08 UTC Comment #66585
Thank you! :D
Good luck to you as well!
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 11:19:02 UTC Comment #66577
I would say not to invest in that rig anymore and save urself some for a new one later. Im running a q6600 with a GTX 560 Ti on a 550w psu and its fine.
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 11:22:07 UTC Comment #66586
I'm not saving for a new one any more, since if I'm gonna change this PC I'm gonna change into an iMac.
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 11:23:27 UTC Comment #66578
Are u mad ? No really are you insane ?
Yet another one who has fallen victim to Steve Jobs
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 11:28:18 UTC Comment #66587
You need to understand that their production quality is very high, plus the only true computer manufacturer for a reasonable price since Amiga.

Their computers are stable and they really do look good. Plus i dont even play games, maybe some CS GO or CS.
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 11:39:17 UTC Comment #66574
happy birthday herr stojkens!! :P

Also, Sweet hardware man, and congrats on the your degree acceptance ;)

"Also, I've noticed I've got a flaw i need to fix/overcome. I seem to imagine something amazing and than have no need what so ever to make it and realize it (Mapping/Projects). Gonna have to work on that.
Also I've started a big project in source that i can not complete, again I'm shooting for the stars again >_< "

explain more, i'd like to help! =)
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 12:18:59 UTC Comment #66579
Reasonable price ?
Im not trying to change your mind, but you are just going to spend a lot of money on a aluminum case with a shiny screen and thats about it.
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 12:59:42 UTC Comment #66588
Thanks Captain T! :D
I will send you a message if you're that interested :)


Ruffe its clear to me that you have never even seen an iMac in real life not alone use it for a period of time.
I will not go and explain all the details about it, i already said that it has superior built and exterior quality.
In truth that is just a normal PC in a shiny casing, but there is much more to it, and to understand it you need to know how computers work and what things exist in hardware world.

Your logic is bash the computer because the guy who leads the company is a douche bag. NASA had absolutely no problem with Wernher von Braun, who was the leading NASA scientist and an ex SS officer who killed thousnds of people.
And i don't see you having that problem, about Wernher von Braun, either.
Tell me when did you see a person who knows and used both Mac and PC talk like the way you do?
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 13:17:16 UTC Comment #66580
My whole country :)
I have used them and i do like them but for the price its not worth it
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 13:19:22 UTC Comment #66589
I find that hard to believe.
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 17:28:45 UTC Comment #66572
Nice steals on that rig.

I can speak up as an owner of both Mac and PC. I built my gaming PC myself and I have a macbook pro that's quite a few years old now.

The build quality is really nice. It's been dropped on the floor and not been damaged (although I don't suggesting dropping yours on the floor).

I also had it repaired for free once when I fried it doing an over-night compile. Since I was running windows to do that, I was technically outside of the warranty, but they repaired it for free anyways. They very well could have said "tough shit" and sent me packing.

Considering that I got five good years of use out of it I can't complain. Obviously different people have different needs. I was a commuting art student and so the MBP was a pretty obvious choice for me.

That said, now that I don't commute and I mostly game, I don't think I'll be getting another Mac any time soon.

I also find it hard to believe that a whole country uses both and unanimously decides one is shit. Probably because that's obviously pulled right out of his butt. :P
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 17:56:03 UTC Comment #66581
Mac's here cost a fortune i can get a 10x better pc for the price of an iMac.
PC > Mac is my opinion
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 18:19:23 UTC Comment #66590
You know little of hardware if thats your professional opinion.
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 18:22:58 UTC Comment #66573
No, you could build one way "better" for the price, not get one. The fact is if you buy a complete computer, Mac or PC, you're going to be paying more. It makes complete sense, too. Labor is anything but cheap. In my shop we charge $70 an hour for labor.
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 18:30:42 UTC Comment #66591
Also on the topic of cheap PCs > Mac
Every one that did this comparison always used cheap ass PC components and not the top class ones, which Mac uses. Also Macs have always been using the maximum hardware has to offer, widest slots, bus, etc.

It true that they are bitchy, but you can not deny their build quality.

If NVidia Tesla gets cheaper over the years, that will be one of my choices too.
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 18:54:00 UTC Comment #66582
Yes they make there own boards but still, in the PC world you have much more to choose from. And btw i know enough about hw fyi. I just get real bitchy sometimes i just really hate Apple.
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-16 19:52:31 UTC Comment #66592
Meh, no reason to hate something that hasn't done no harm to me.

Wanna know what a real computer is? Amiga. If certain people didn't ruin Commodore, we would have 10x better computers with real genius engineering today.
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-18 19:38:53 UTC Comment #66583
Belated happy birthday!
Commented 9 years ago2012-07-18 19:57:20 UTC Comment #66593
Danke schun :>

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