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Posted 7 years ago2013-01-09 16:22:23 UTC
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I hate lockerbie.

I go there every Wednesday to do advanced higher physics, and it turns out that one of my classmates there gets to go to america for a year, gets basically free money and is spoon fed a shit tonne of stuff to do simply because some asshole crashed a plane there before he was even born.

I wish moffat had a plane crash 20 years ago as well.


Commented 7 years ago2013-01-09 18:38:07 UTC Comment #50882
That's.. dark?
Commented 7 years ago2013-01-10 05:41:23 UTC Comment #50888
Instant, your latest journals are getting increasingly cryptic or incomplete in the information you wish to convey and I'm struggling to understand them if they make any sense at all.
Commented 7 years ago2013-01-10 22:20:05 UTC Comment #50884
Yeah it's quite dark, but it still provides a point. These guys are quite literally not affected by the crash in the slightest and the majority of the people taking this opportunity aren't even from Lockerbie. And they get to go to 'murrica and get shit-tonnes of money whilst they're at it. lucky buggers.

And.. thanks I guess stu? I fail to see what you can't gather from it. Here I'm merely showing my jealous because some twats down the road get to piss off to 'murrrica and I , 10 miles up, don't. My previous journal entry was about getting another unconditional offer from a university, yet still wanting to hold out until I hear back from Edinburgh university ( commonly known as the burgh ), and the one before was merely an extract from my shitey little life, and how doing such innapropriate and frankly offensive things such as going to midnight mass whilst drunk is just one segment of it.
Cryptic, not really. I'm just giving out little points of information rather than minute-by-minute accounts of something vaguely noteworthy happening.
Commented 7 years ago2013-01-10 23:35:03 UTC Comment #50883
I was referring to the "I wish Moffat had a plane crash" statement.

It's fine to be jealous though. I don't consider that dark. I have plenty of friends with minority scholarships I can't get because I'm white. That annoys me too.
Commented 7 years ago2013-01-11 19:50:49 UTC Comment #50886
I'm not sure if it's still going, but a few years back there was a scholarship for females doing engineering degrees here where they would get €1000 from the government. I'm not sure if it was per year of degree or once off but I was saddened to hear sex change operations cost a bit more than that. :P
Commented 7 years ago2013-01-11 23:25:12 UTC Comment #50889
"Cryptic, not really. I'm just giving out little points of information rather than minute-by-minute accounts of something vaguely noteworthy happening."

Fair enough. I just didn't know some of these things and found it hard to follow.
Commented 7 years ago2013-01-12 13:00:18 UTC Comment #50885
I honestly still don't know what.
Commented 7 years ago2013-01-13 11:14:18 UTC Comment #50887
lawl 'murrica =P

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