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Posted 8 years ago2013-05-15 00:24:26 UTC
Hey there;
I'm still practicing Source mapping and modeling.
Here are several WIP screenshots from my not so very secret Source mod/game;
They are a bit dull at the moment, more debris/pipes/vents/wires etc. to come, but do tell me what you think anyway (:
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Commented 8 years ago2013-05-15 00:33:33 UTC Comment #48661
looks great! (at least what i can tell from android)..

you try csgo sdk yet?
Commented 8 years ago2013-05-15 01:04:34 UTC Comment #48659
I am intrigued by those screenies.
Commented 8 years ago2013-05-15 02:48:39 UTC Comment #48657
I changed all your images to display inline because they weren't linked and then somebody came in after me and changed them all to links :P

For the screenshots themselves, there seems to be something weird going on with the lighting and textures. Maybe the texture resolution is wrong? I can't put my finger on it but it just seems off.

The heavy aliasing doesn't do it many favours, either - turn your settings up to maximum!
Commented 8 years ago2013-05-15 04:35:34 UTC Comment #48662
yeah it does look a little weird.. may i ask what texture scales and what engine version are you using? Give to me your vmf, and i'll show you how pretty the lighting can look in GO ;)
Commented 8 years ago2013-05-15 06:47:52 UTC Comment #48664
I think it's very atmospheric. Some intense gameplay is going to happen in those scenes, may I guess?
Commented 8 years ago2013-05-15 07:47:23 UTC Comment #48655
Sure, I'll send the .vmf when I'm done.
Oh, that was me Penguinboy, you can still change it if you want. Because I'm not familiar with the code.

The texture resolutions are 2048x2048 mostly DXT1 with a lot of normal mapping, but there is also color correction with change on "levels" and "brightness" to increase the contrast between the dark and lit places. Does it look weird as in bad weird? Or non-realistic weird? I wanted it to be a bit mystical. I'm using Source 2007 by the way.

@Striker; Yes, I want the player to feel a bit uneasy and curious throughout the map.
Commented 8 years ago2013-05-15 08:07:16 UTC Comment #48658
It just seems like the textures are too high resolution, except a couple of them are super low resolution. Might just be my eyes playing tricks.

BTW, The image code is:
User posted image
Commented 8 years ago2013-05-15 12:39:19 UTC Comment #48667
That's so freggin' creepy! PERFECT HORROR GAME MAP! It would scare me when a player pops out of nowhere and is like:


It looks really great! I want to see the final map too. :3
Commented 8 years ago2013-05-15 14:30:46 UTC Comment #48665
The textures are too reflective\self-illuminative, especially in the first picture. Compare first picture to the last picture for comparison.
Commented 8 years ago2013-05-15 16:07:39 UTC Comment #48656
@Penguinboy: Cool, I thought they didnt work well with large scale images.

@Elliot: Actually, it is quite the opposite. After checking all the materials, I noticed the reflectivity of most (vmt) materials are too low. That is why it creates a bit of unrealistic lighting, in all screenshots. I'll set them back to their default values and reupload the same scenes.

And also thanks for the feedback (:
Commented 8 years ago2013-05-15 18:49:58 UTC Comment #48666
This is awesome. Love the way it is.
Confined and spooky.
Commented 8 years ago2013-05-16 03:56:38 UTC Comment #48663
ya stoke, i want to say it kinda reminds me of pics from dear esther =)
Commented 8 years ago2013-05-18 17:23:30 UTC Comment #48660
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