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Posted 6 years ago2015-01-10 17:18:19 UTC
Crollo CrolloTrollo
i will not let you to cut me!


Commented 6 years ago2015-01-10 18:27:49 UTC Comment #66208
Only Striker can say that!
Commented 6 years ago2015-01-10 21:05:52 UTC Comment #66209
cut horizontally, if you do it vertically youre just gonna make a mess and gonna be very painful
Commented 6 years ago2015-01-10 23:16:55 UTC Comment #66206
nfs sucked since underground
Commented 6 years ago2015-01-10 23:45:09 UTC Comment #66212
User posted image
Commented 6 years ago2015-01-11 00:50:43 UTC Comment #66207
Commented 6 years ago2015-01-11 01:44:02 UTC Comment #66210
have you been born yet and are you alive? hey buddy if you ever blue just tell us

i was fucked up and dying in a room with a window in the corner
i barely moved and was falling apart. my knees kracked! then i went to a metal show and was dragged and torn apart, i can barely move now but my disintegrating soul was stuck together for some time once again
Commented 6 years ago2015-01-11 10:42:10 UTC Comment #66205
No probs bro
Commented 6 years ago2015-01-18 17:40:23 UTC Comment #66211
nfs sucked since underground

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