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Posted 7 years ago2015-11-07 02:12:05 UTC
Striker StrikerI forgot to check the oil pressure
After tackling with the installation of Arch linux for about 3 hours, I can finally browse TWHL in a retro-as-heck way:
User posted image
Although this stuff is not practical, I have to emphasize that it is lightweight as fuck:
User posted image
Unfortunately 3 more hours later since opening this journal I still haven't succeeded in installing a window manager. I'll probably report tomorrow or another day on this.


Managed to install the window system. This is very barebones and it's actually a basis for other window managers. Slapped there the lightweight "Netsurf" browser, and voila:
User posted image
About ~70Mb. Keep in mind that Arch linux, afaik, is not developed to be as lightweight as possible. That is a concept followed by other distros, like DSL or Puppy Linux. It's... impressive.
What's even more impressive is that these are programs that are actively developed.
Underground tech is a wonder.


Commented 7 years ago2015-11-07 06:30:47 UTC Comment #58508
What are you using, Lynx?
Commented 7 years ago2015-11-07 07:28:32 UTC Comment #58504
now thats beautiful
Commented 7 years ago2015-11-07 16:58:53 UTC Comment #58509
Sweet. :D
Commented 7 years ago2015-11-07 19:35:19 UTC Comment #58505
can you run hlds on it?
Commented 7 years ago2015-11-07 22:11:13 UTC Comment #58502
I should be able but I lost my patience. Valve uses the Steam Console Client since 2013 to manage server installation, in theory making it as easy as running an apt-get/yum/pacman/whatever. Each server/game has an App ID, and HLDS(for Half-Life and mods like cs, tfc), having app ID 90, is notorious for a bug opened more than a year ago on Valve's github account.
Since I can reproduce it, it's obviously not entirely fixed(or not at all).
User posted image
SteamCMD downloads ~0.3% of the app, then craps its pants and halts. At one point it progressed a more quickl, but what you see in the image is after about 40 minutes of manual labor.

@DiscoStu: It's NetSurf.
Commented 7 years ago2015-11-07 22:18:40 UTC Comment #58506
just get some older version of hlds from fileplanet or something, everyone knows that valve fucked up both hl and hlds long ago and nobody uses it lol
Commented 7 years ago2015-11-08 01:53:55 UTC Comment #58503
... aand browsing with opera:
User posted image
At this point I've managed to configure Fluxbox. Opera seems to be the best tradeoff for resources while still being able to process Javascript(netsurf doesn't know js).

Apparently it's a whole world out there when it comes to Window managers, file managers etc.

Speaking about file managers(I installed PcmanFm), there are also console-based file managers. Kinda like the old norton commander stuff. While exploring the diversity, I stumbled upon Ranger, which has a creepy page right off the bat. Just scrolled about the page and I thought I see some weird word. No, no... I actually see it: caca-utils. I click on the link and arrive on the libcaca page.

As I said, the linux world is a wonder.
Commented 7 years ago2015-11-08 09:50:59 UTC Comment #58507
Congratz on making the leap. Arch is one of the best distros to fiddle around with. Haven't seen the window manager in years :) im more than used to just the terminal interface.

Yeah once you go deep enough there's pretty much everything for everyone, and if there isn't you can make it yourself. Also performance compared to other OS'es is off the hook. Debian (my distro of choice) consumes virtually 0 resources when idle.

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