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Posted 6 years ago2015-12-05 19:13:40 UTC
Dr. Orange Dr. OrangeSource good.
I find it kind of weird how in video games, sometimes the reload animation let the used ammo clip stay on screen, obviously showing you weren't switching it out.

Here's a gif I made to show what I mean:
User posted image


Commented 6 years ago2015-12-05 21:41:56 UTC Comment #67594
If it's not for practical reasons, maybe somebody was too lazy to make the animation go off-screen for some time.
But now that you mention it, I honestly can't remember from my mind if this is what happens in CS 1.6 for example. haha :))
Commented 6 years ago2015-12-06 13:40:56 UTC Comment #67593
IIRC, without actually opening the game, the UMP seems to do this

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