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Posted 5 years ago2017-03-11 15:55:02 UTC
Crollo CrolloTrollo
So I've been playing Rainbow Six: Siege quite a bit lately after finally having a decent enough system to run it, and I have to say I am massively disappointed with it.

I love the game to death as a concept.
I love the tactical, slow and methodical teamwork that is involved as attackers, as well as the strategic gameplay of the defenders. It is incredibly satisfying to take your time, plan out your attack/defense [in real time], coordinate it with your team and come out on top.
However, I found that the netcode absolutely wasted all of the effort that was put into these ideas, and would go as far as saying the game is unplayable in it's current state.

A significant portion of my deaths were a result of an enemy managing to pull off what appeared to be super-human reflexes, but the killcam showed they had far more time to shoot me. Sometimes they would not even appear on my screen at all and yet I was on their screen for more than half a second before they killed me. Mind you none of the games I played had ping any higher than 90, and many of these deaths had people with twice(!!!) my ping.

My very first few rounds I felt that I simply was rushing myself too much, but some very apparent patterns began to form once I had gotten comfortable with the controls and overall gameplay.
So after a particularly bad game, I decided to try and do some research into the netcode of the game and I found this.
I cannot even begin to understand how ubisoft could possibly believe this acceptable not only because this is a game highly touted as a "competitive" game, but also because the entire basis of this game relies on accurate information between client/server. It is simply not fun to have the drop on somebody, only to have them rush around a corner and one-shot you in a nanosecond.
Even more abysmally, ubisoft has acknowledged the issues, and claimed they would fix them over a year ago.

If I was asked to summarize my experience with Siege, I would simply say don't bother. With the netcode in it's current state, you may get lucky and earn a few good kills but the netcode will take the rest of your efforts and beat you over the head with them until you give up.


Commented 5 years ago2017-03-13 16:27:20 UTC Comment #66216
This is one of the major reasons that I don't like this game, I knew that technically speaking it was bad and it would follow quite the same path as PAYDAY 2. I think Ubisoft should have sticked with Unreal Engine 3 (Rainbow Six Vegas 1/2 were cool on the PC, the consoles versions seems to have suffered the same issue) or moved on to Unreal Engine 4 instead of wasting time on a dedicated engine.

Looking at the netcode analysis video you provided, especially with the first experiment with the shooter/victim, it seems that the game trust client's data, during my lessons in network programming, I've been taught to NEVER trust client's data so we hit a compromise here.

The thing that reveal player's IPs is also stupid in my opinion, it's a mix between P2P (Peer 2 Peer) and client-server architecture.

This is why I disable client prediction whenever I can, I would rather see players lagging and have a true confirmation of hit/non-hit instead of smooth player movement with "false hits".

For me, the best Rainbow Six game is still Raven Shield along with it's extensions.
Commented 5 years ago2017-03-13 22:32:21 UTC Comment #66215
One of my roommates has Siege on the Xbox, he doesn't play it anymore because of the netcode and lack of singleplayer.

One of my other roommates has Vegas 1 and 2 on steam, and I've been playing them a bit lately via steam sharing. Quite a fun experience, though there were quite a few very cheap feeling deaths. (And the final boss for 2 is absolutely sadistic)
Have yet to find the Terrorist Hunt map I remember watching Urby and Archie playing on youtube though. I seem to recall the video being called Defusing the Convention Center, but I also remember the spawn being outside, so I dunno.

Haven't tried online with them because I doubt anybody plays 'em anymore, so I can't attest to the netcode in the Vegas games. Probably better than Siege though.
Commented 5 years ago2017-03-14 13:13:22 UTC Comment #66213
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is hilariously broken. It makes for crazy coop games.

@JeffMOD: Interestingly enough, the map was called Convention Center

Rainbow Six Siege is frustratingly broken. It does not.

We had a lot of fun with terrorist hunt against AI, but I don't think we've ever won a PvP game that wasn't a fluke.
Commented 5 years ago2017-03-14 16:13:33 UTC Comment #66214
Rainbow Six never got better than this.

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