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Posted 10 months ago2017-07-22 16:24:08 UTC
So I accidentally converted my basic disk to a Dynamic disk on Windows.


I know, stupid mistake, but has anyone had experience with this where I don't need any shady wares? I've checked some apps, but they're mostly P2W (in a way) and was just wondering if anyone has any past experience with stupid mistakes like this and could perhaps suggest a good program/demo which will actually help.



Commented 10 months ago2017-07-22 16:43:04 UTC Comment #66631
as in have you lost all your files?

If so, try loading it in something like puppy linux, that might be able to read some files. If not, CCleaner has some file recovery stuff I think.
If you haven't lost anything, just use diskpart and maybe backup stuff just in case.
Commented 10 months ago2017-07-23 06:18:58 UTC Comment #66634
Oh you just potentially sacrificed your files to the devil.

Whatever you do don't delete the dynamic disk. I would suggest backing up everything you need and then reformatting accordingly.
There may be an option using Gparted on linux to restructure the partitions w/o losing data, but I never tried.
Commented 10 months ago2017-07-23 10:28:06 UTC Comment #66636
So I tried using some apps people have suggested, thing is, it's got a MBR lock on it, since, I had my coding and 3d programs installed on it (a boot I used when taking the rig to work), but no, I still have access to all my data, I however think and feel like it'll be impossible for me to preserve and save the Operating system and that I'll have to once again, reinstall windows. I'd make a backup if I could but I only have 1 TB HDD's to backup to which my dad has used 750 GB up already.

The funny thing is, it works, yet, when I connect it to other PC's around the house, I cant read or activate the disk, yet, when connected to my PC, I can read the data, but I can't use any of those apps to convert it back to a basic disk as it's got an MBR mark on it.

Shit. Guess I'll have to wait till I get another hard drive to back up to..

Edit I also don't have the space or drives to install a Linux install as some of you peeps are suggesting..
Commented 10 months ago2017-07-23 10:42:00 UTC Comment #66632
you can boot linux from a CD or even a USB;
Commented 10 months ago2017-07-23 11:05:16 UTC Comment #66635
Windows won't let you do things to the drive its booted off of. So linux or plug the drive into another Win machine and try there.
Commented 10 months ago2017-07-23 11:36:54 UTC Comment #66637
@rufee - That I know, but like I said, I plug it into any other PC, not readable or activate able.. It's like it just doesn't work, yet on my PC it's fine. It's literally the devil's doing.

@Instant - I'll try to check that out and see how it works. Never used linux before though, but it can't be that bad..Can it..?
Commented 10 months ago2017-07-23 13:08:38 UTC Comment #66633
Depends on the distro. The one i've used before is Puppylinux and frequently used scientific linux @ university - it's very straightforward and fairly easy to use if you have a brain!

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