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Posted 1 year ago2017-09-19 20:58:19 UTC
I decided to halt my current project for a while. It was moving on mostly on design part, rather than on actual development anyways. I realised that I still lack some more skills to get something as big and ambitious as Revenant: Darkborn was meant to be. It's not that I couldn't do it in the long run, but rather it won't fit my vision. Currently I'll have to strip it off of some of ideas and planned features which are crucial for development (especially level design and world building). And that's not something I'm going to do.

So instead of completely dumbing it down, I decided to focus on smaller projects for the time being until I gather enough experience to run that huge project again.

I already came up with a fresh idea. Something close, in similar convention, but much different, much more linear and with simpler gameplay. It'd be something that'd put me better on tracks towards something larger. I'll work on some concept arts and first few levels/entities before I'll make a proper site for it.

Semi-linear thirdperson slasher.
They were mighty warriors, truly a knightly elite. Brave, honourable and loyal, Knights of the Height Keep always aided those in need and allowed entry to anyone approaching their gates in search of shelter. But everything changed once they embarked on a journey to retrieve a holy relic - Heart of Archangel Cilber, ripped out of his chest by demons of Daemei in the ages past. While fighting with darkness and paving their way to afterlife, a horrible curse was placed upon those knights. And while they succeeded in retrieving the relic, none of them returned to their keep. Consumed by taint, they fell for the dark and became Darkriders. Ruling great storms of Underworld, they ride dark lightnings across the Abyss in eternal struggle to find peace. Shortly after their demise, Height Keep was corrupted by taint as well and became home of many dreadful monstrosities, long dead warmonger that was Duke of these lands raising from death among them, to rule once again. It is said that with all the taint gathered upon this place, one can open gates of the Underworld for a short time and that great reward can be received after retrieving the Heart of Archangel. Whether it's immense power, great treasure, a warm place in afterlife or transcending beyond confines of human existence remains unclear.
Visit accursed ruins of the Height Keep and face wrath of Undead Duke. Open the gates of Underworld and travel through barren lands and ghost towns swarmed by undead and dark spirits. Explore perilous Daemei ruins and witness demonic warfare. Face worst nightmares imaginable and corrupting taint of Abyss, to battle with fearsome Darkriders, retrieve Heart of Archangel Cilber and take your reward.


Commented 1 year ago2017-09-23 06:51:58 UTC Comment #67925
"It was moving on mostly on design part, rather than on actual development anyways."

Sort of reminds me of my Far Cry mod, where I split my development phases into:
  • Technical
  • Design
  • Polish (the verb, nothing to do with Poland, lol)
  • Promote
  • Prepare & Release
(I still work on its assets from time to time)

But isn't design also a part of development?
Commented 1 year ago2017-09-23 07:17:53 UTC Comment #67924
It is, but also I'd like to release something in next few years rather than decades. When I'll get enough experience from simple projects, making big stuff will be easier and probably faster.
Commented 1 year ago2017-09-23 08:37:59 UTC Comment #67926
Not having enough experience was the reason why I gave up:

Though, on one hand, starting to work on a big project I couldn't complete gave me a handful of experience. It was a period of 6 months, I believe.

If you'd compare my first few maps on GameBanana (before my period of inactivity) to the ones after I returned from modding, there should be quite a few improvements.

So, I think that starting big mods very early is partially good, because of the knowledge and experience which you gain. You return, better and more experienced than before. :P

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