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Posted 9 months ago2018-02-14 16:59:45 UTC
The beginning of next semester is getting closer, my break ends at upcoming Monday. I need to vent...

I've been working my ass off as usually when getting back home. I always helped my parents and family overall as much as I could. I'm one of the rare cases of college students that instead of taking money, bring it back home to help out family. It's been tough after my father's surgical operation, but I'm used to much more work, I'm only a bit tired.

However, my gradnma had an effusion today, several hours ago, and it was a really heavy blow. Thank God I'm still on break and was there to help before an ambulance arrived. It was only a weak effusion, but it really scared the shit out of us, especially that my grandma is 86 years old. She's much better now, most of examination turned out great results for her age (which is not weird, she was always active, never needed any medicine and never even stayed in hospital!), but it's not certain whether she'll be alright.

Overtly worrying is really bad for my health (especially stomach), but sometimes it feels like the whole house would fall apart without me...


Commented 8 months ago2018-02-17 10:54:18 UTC Comment #67934
Sometimes you can be surprised by how high amounts of inner strength you've got in store.

I've gotten really bad stomach problems from worrying in the past during a stressful exam session (had an endoscopy and that's gross - literally), but I got over them by ignoring some of the triggers that would start me on the path of anxiety. I also drank lots of marigold and chamomile tea, I recommend those :). Haven't experienced a heart burn for a long time now, but when I feel the incipient symptoms I immediately know I have to take care of my mental hygiene and drink those teas ^^.

My good thoughts go to you and I send you a virtual hug. Just take care of yourself and in the long run everything will be fine.
Commented 8 months ago2018-02-18 18:13:30 UTC Comment #67935
I had a gastroscopy once, that's a real nightmare fuel. I'm taking meds for stomach, but I do enjoy a good herbal tea, I'm also taking grounded flax and this combination always worked wondefully.

Thank you for good thoughts and the virtual hug!

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