I suck at friendship

Posted 3 years ago2019-03-05 08:46:56 UTC
Screamernail ScreamernailYour personal Fear
It's been a theme for me to be a horrible friend. Since the beginning of my DeviantArt life I've just gotten people down and it would also be true in real life. In my very first account in DevArt I have mistakenly told my first best friend that she was dead. In my second account (EX475) I couldn't get one friend to not leave the site. I mistakenly trolled someone by free will in the Pfhorums and mistakenly did it again currently. And now I have told my best friend SweetMangle103 that we couldn't be friends anymore cause I where always ruining her.

I haven't forgotten my outbursts here either. I am sorry for everything. I apologize to everyone that I have ever hurt and everyone that depended on me. I am too weak to go around and say this to everyone and it would probably not make it better either. Cause every word I spit is a hazard.

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Commented 3 years ago2019-03-07 22:37:08 UTC Comment #101866
You are doing everything the same again. You start something, not finish it, and give up. If you are going to be a piece of shit to some one be to the very end. Dont give up and ask for some pity. I say the same for you regretting your actions and apologizing only half assedly instead of thoroughly and completely to everyone, you deliberately targeted, in person.
Just for how long will you repeat the same exact thing of being a bad boy and than regretting getting rejected just to do the same thing all over again. Stop that, take a good look at your self.

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