How many years ago?!

Posted 10 months ago2019-11-21 22:22:36 UTC
Oh hey I'm reading my past journals and cringing!

How's everyone's day going?


Commented 10 months ago2019-11-21 22:49:56 UTC Comment #102437
I love the image you posted in "Desktops of August" last time you came here, a decade ago:
User posted image
Very retro :)

My day is fine, happy there's a new HL in the works. How are you?

PS. you don't happen to have a copy of fy_something somewhere? Jessie is going through ALL the maps in the Map Vault and trying them out while streaming, once a week
Commented 10 months ago2019-11-21 23:11:53 UTC Comment #102438
It's funny you mention my desktop, because all these years later I'm still banging the same layout:
oh myoh my
I'm also happy and very impressed with the new Half-Life; it's just a shame that not only would I need a new computer, I'd also need a new room.

I don't have that map or any other I've made way back when, sadly. I remember I was enamored with the higher resolution textures of Condition Zero, and the map was a perfect excuse to display all of them. But everything was too large and too wide and I didn't have a lot of fun, to be honest.
Commented 10 months ago2019-11-22 16:19:22 UTC Comment #102440
I'm surprised you remembered your password! When I try to log into stuff I made over a decade ago I can usually never ever remember what password I used.

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