Much more important than a birthday journal

Posted 3 years ago2019-11-23 22:47:04 UTC
Alabastor_Twob Alabastor_Twobformerly TJB
I believe that this is what Maynard James Keenan was referring toI believe that this is what Maynard James Keenan was referring to


Commented 3 years ago2019-11-23 22:53:34 UTC Comment #102441
Happy ...Ten Thousandth?
Commented 3 years ago2019-11-23 23:27:22 UTC Comment #102442
Happy ten thousandth! Wish I knew this four days early, then I could have celebrated the same thing for myself :D
Commented 3 years ago2019-11-24 10:04:03 UTC Comment #102443
10,000 days? That TJB is getting old, we should change it and buy a new one.
Commented 3 years ago2019-11-24 10:25:36 UTC Comment #102444
this isn't doubles
Commented 3 years ago2019-11-25 09:35:05 UTC Comment #102449
Yes, but it is double quads, as the day before was 9,999 days
Commented 3 years ago2019-11-26 06:03:54 UTC Comment #102451
User posted image
Commented 3 years ago2019-11-26 14:50:35 UTC Comment #102452
Happy birthday! Scrolling this on my work monitor made me chuckle.
Fun fact: you heart beats about 1 billion times by the time you're 27. Don't quote me on the fact.
Commented 3 years ago2019-11-28 14:45:01 UTC Comment #102454
Why are people still saying "Happy Birthday" though? :\
Commented 3 years ago2019-11-28 18:45:42 UTC Comment #102455
A year is as arbitrary a time period as 10 000 days. Might as well call it a birthday I guess :)

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