I put Ovaltine in my Eggnog

Posted 3 years ago2020-10-04 12:16:55 UTC
Rimrook RimrookSince 2003
One time I actually did put Ovaltine in eggnog. Ovaltine is a type of chocolate mix full of vitamins for those who don’t know what it is. So I drank an incredibly dense shake of the stuff. Needless to say I didn’t eat the rest of day. It tasted interesting to say the least.


Commented 3 years ago2020-10-04 14:21:39 UTC Comment #102925
happy birthday!
Commented 3 years ago2020-10-05 02:33:49 UTC Comment #102927
Happy Birthday!
I don't get the riddle in the title though. Not a reference to something I'm familiar with.
Commented 3 years ago2020-10-05 03:22:04 UTC Comment #102928
We share a birthday! And somehow on every birthday journal of yours I've commented on I keep forgetting this is the case! Awesome!
Commented 3 years ago2020-10-05 19:40:47 UTC Comment #102933
Happy birthday!
Commented 3 years ago2020-10-05 20:13:26 UTC Comment #102935
Oh hey. You're like exactly two weeks my senior.

Happy belated Birthday
Commented 3 years ago2020-10-05 20:32:58 UTC Comment #102937
I'm jumping in the bandwagon here so...
Happy birthday!
Commented 3 years ago2020-10-06 21:57:58 UTC Comment #102944
Happy... uh, eggnog..birthday (??!)

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